FIRST WATCH: Boom! Studios Celebrates 25 Years of WWE Raw

Do you smell what Boom Studios is cookin’? The Superstars of WWE are the indisputable champions inside the square circle and now in the panels of Boom Studio comic books. These men and women of WWE stardom are essentially superheroes! Some dawn masks to conceal their identities, others wear ostentatious costumes, they find themselves protecting their gold from their villainous counterparts, and these gladiators of our time always keep a catchphrase in their back pocket.



There are always great adventures to be completed on the road to becoming a true hero or heroine. Now you can choose your favorite tag team partner and power slam into the drama in WWE #13! Tag in Co-writer Superstars Joe and Michael Kingston and follow the story of The Lion Heart, Chris Jericho, as he prepares for the Festival of Friendship., inspired by HBO’s Game of Thrones.

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“The ‘Red Wedding’ from Game Of Thrones was something that was really resonating, where you have this brilliant, beautiful and fun moment and then it just goes south in such a quick fashion where you can’t believe it. That, to me, was the brilliance of it.” Chris Jericho says.

WWE #13 slams into stores on Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

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Let the rumble begin!

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