A Most Venomous Trap (Batman TMNT 2 # 3 Review)

Bane is loose in New York, and he has taken over the Foot Clan.  Batman know that he is ruining out of Venom, and he is preparing the Turtles to strike. That is if Damian and Raphael don’t kill each other first!


Batman TMNT 2 #3
Writer: James Tynion IV & Ryan Ferrier

Artist: Freddie Williams II
Cover Artist: Freddie Williams II & James Colwell Variant Cover: Kevin Eastman
Colorist: Jeremy Colwell
Publisher: DC Comics & IDW Comics

What You Need to Know:

Bane is running the Foot Clan and he now has Rocksteady and Bebop on his side. Baxter Stockman is making him an experimental batch of Venom since his supply is nearly depleted.

Batman knew that the Venom is almost gone and Bane is feeling the effects of the Venom withdrawal tells the Turtles that they will strike when he is at his Weakest.

What You’ll Find Out:

Damien is waiting with the Turtles and Casey Jones in the Sewer lair, and in a tense battle, he loses to the ever skilled Michelangelo at a game of Laser Pony Racers: Destruction Grotto!

Batman TMNT P 5

Damien ever the sore loser is not amused by having to Babysit the teenage turtles. Raph takes exception to his insults and issues him a challenge.

Raph vs Robin

What Just Happened:

Batman, Splinter, and Leonardo are running on the rooftops outside Baxter Stockman’s lab. The peer into the Window and see Bane sitting in agony from his Venom Withdrawal. Batman tells Splinter and Leo that he in a weak moment turned to Venom to gain the strength that he felt he needed to best his enemies, “It felt like Liquid Power, flowing through my veins.” He knows the sting all too well that Bane is feeling right now. They will strike him at his weakest in a few hours when he is barely able to move a muscle.

Bane is counting on Batman finding him in Stockman’s Lab and has planted the seeds of a trap.


Back in the Sewer Donnie is feeling responsible for the state of the city, and April comforts him. “What am I supposed to do to make this right? I just don’t know what anybody needs me for.” Says Donnie. April tells him that they have a very important task for him. The Ref the Match Between Raphael and Robin!

This is worth the price of the Book Alone!

Robin and Raphael Spar and it is a close match!

The match goes back and Forth as Batman, Splinter, and Leonardo return in the nick of time. Batman says “Both of you need to grow up. Now. We are moving on Bane Tonight.”

Later the Night, they arrive in the Lab. Batman quickly shakes down Stockman and Donatello analyzes the manufactured Venom. He sees that it has been mixed with the Mutagen as well, and this is Most Definitely a Trap!

RCO020 (1)

Venom Infused versions of Bebop and Rocksteady burst through the Wall! Baxter fumbles with some mutagen canisters and is swiftly mutated into his classic Fly Mutation, and Bane springs his Trap. The Turtles, Splinter, Batman, and Robin are all surrounded by Venom infused Foot soldiers. bane offers them words,”I afford you but one simple solitary freedom, Submit or die!”


Rating: 10/10

Final Thought: The third installment has brought the action and intrigue and dialed it up to 11! The surprise when I saw the Improved Bebop and Rocksteady made me feel like a kid playing with my entire toy box of action figures again. I re-read that page about six times. The interpersonal dynamics of the individual Turtles and Batman and Damien are priceless. Donatello is very angsty in this one, but he has had the largest part to play. Raph with his Brash and arrogant bravado vs Robin who insists that he was toying with the Turtle (didn’t look that way to me) and Mikey mercilessly beating Damien at the Videogame when we all know he hates to lose. These are the great touches that humanize the Anthropomorphic Turtles and bring us in as invested readers in the story. I hope they get Batman to try some Pizza next. Bane is the Literal incarnation of the Shredder…On Steroids! This is getting Crazy, and I suggest you pick up issues One and Two and get in on this Pizza Party!

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