(Deadpool v Old Man Logan #4 Comic Review) Sunday Bloody Sunday

It’s time for the showdown you’ve been waiting for! The Mutinous maniac Merc with a Mouth vs the wild world weary wrinkled worn out Wolverine, Deadpool vs Old Man Logan! This issue gets bloody!


Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan #4
Writer: Declan Shalvey
Artist: Mike Henderson
Colors: Lee Loughridge
Letters: Joe Sabino
Cover: Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What You Need to Know:

A new omega level mutant has been discovered with the ability to teleport any amount of inanimate material any distance, (like drop a mountain on your head powerful) obviously this has caught the attention of a couple groups of people. Wolverine wants to bring her to the Xavier School for Gifted whatever so she can fight Magneto and eventually be kidnapped to another dimension or whatever, corrupt weapons manufacturer Genform wants to attempt to weaponize her abilities much to the displeasure of people who like things where they are right now, (because she teleports things! Keep up.) and Deadpool, who just wants to rescue her before Wolverine does just so he can rub it in his face later, real superhero stuff.

Anyway, last Maddie (the young mutant in question) was captured by Genform, who ran some tests on her, unfortunately for them they also captured Wolverine, and you know what happens when you stick Wolverine underground in a shadowy government lab! Snukt!


What You’ll Find Out:

We open on Deadpool tearing through a crowd of people using Wolverine’s claws, which Maddie teleported into his body last issue, after testing out a variety of catchphrases (It’s Stabbin’ Time!) Maddie teleports Logan’s claws back in and Logan tells them to run, launching into an impressively bloody attack on the heavily armed security Genform sent down. As the last man dies he whispers something in Logan’s ear…


Deadpool and Maddie reach a door they can’t open (although she could totally teleport it away, is that nitpicking?) and have to stop, Suddenly they are cornered by another, less dead security team than the one from before, Maddie gets Deadpool some swords (holy crap she could be *convenient plot device* Girl!) using her power. As Deadpool starts to chop them up into dozens of pieces he tells Maddie an unsolicited story about trusting others or paying attention to your surroundings, or priorities? Yeah, priorities. Definitely, maybe, probably, priorities.

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As they triumphantly turn to go, Logan stops them, he’s seen her file, and says she needs to stay and be contained, she’s too dangerous. Logan disagrees and this book finally delivers on the premise of the series, it’s DEADPOOL V OLD MAN LOGAN TIME!!


Who wins the fight? Is there a double dare involved? Read the issue and find out for yourself! Pick up a copy of this fine book today!

What Just Happened?


This series finally delivered on that parental advisory tag on the front! This issue was seriously bloody, body parts flying all over and everything! This issue was pretty fun in concept but was a little bit lacking in substance, although I liked what was there I could’ve probably summarized the whole book in 3 sentences if I was inclined.

That said this book, like the rest of the series, is a ton of fun and not taking itself too seriously, which is a huge plus. This issue made me laugh out loud multiple times (leg snukt!) and the action scenes were brilliant, we got full blown beserker Wolverine for a minute.


Although not fully explained Logan changing his mind about the kid staying surprised literally no one I’m sure. I mean, it’s not like the X mansion hasn’t had any random jerk attacks over the years, maybe a secret underground bunker is the safest place for Maddie? Eh, I’m sure she’ll just do whatever, drop a mountain on someone or something.


The art in this issue took a turn from good to friggin amazing, clearly giant bloody fight scenes are where Mike Henderson and Lee Loughridge shine! There is one particular splash panel with Logan that is seriously incredible (pictured above), and all the fight scenes toe the line between super well drawn and hilarious in a way that just works.

Rating: 8/10

Final Thought:

It’s not the Godfather or whatever, but this book is a darn good comic book, and a total blast at parts, and more of a blast at others. This issue was a particularly good next to last issue, where many minis get bogged down setting up the finale this issue seems to run straight towards it stabby bits forward!


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