First Watch: DC Slows Down the DOOMSDAY CLOCK as it Switches to a Bi-Monthly Schedule. HBO Series ‘Watchmen’ has not Set a Release Date.

The # 1 selling comic book of November 2017, DC’s Doomsday Clock, and the most anticipated crossover in DC Comic’s publishing history, has a new schedule to follow. As fans count the ticks and tocks, waiting for the next issue of Doomsday Clock, the minute hand has moved backwards as Doomsday Clock will begin shipping every other month starting with Doomsday Clock #5, to be released in May 2018.


“I’m hoping that we can use this to get enough of a cushion to switch back to monthly at some point.” Gary Frank said to pepper a little hope upon the fans.  Warned earlier, by Johns at Comic-Con International: San Diego, there was going to be a break between issue #4 and #5, DC will now be releasing Doomsday Clock every other month.

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Bringing up the question… “Does this mean we have to wait longer for Lindelof’s precarious HBO adaptation of Watchmen?. Lindelof, Co-creator of Lost and HBO’s Leftovers, announced at Vulture Fest he was interested in bringing Allan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ American masterpiece to life. It is not certain if HBO’s Watchmen was based on the original graphic novel or the incredible works of literature that followed.

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HBO’s president, Casey Bloys, described the pilot script as “amazing” and it has been whispered that it may begin production in March. The original graphic novel ran for 12 issues, which could mean 12 episodes for HBO to air, but not much is known about the true premise Lindelof, long time comic fan, is bringing to television.

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Watchmen has already seen exposure on the silver screen, Zack Snyder’s 2009 ‘superhero’ film Watchmen, which received divided reactions from audiences and critics alike. It was a violent, sexual, and dark take on the superhero genre, with a large running time. explaining why HBO would be interested in recreating something similar for their fierce television platform. The narrative from the movie, and of the pen tip of Allan Moore, was said to be hard to follow if you were not familiar with the source material. A 12 episode run on HBO would change that and allow viewers who are not familiar with the late 80’s run of Watchmen.

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With new titles emerging late after Moore’s masterpiece including Before Watchmen, DC Comic’s prequel run that was published in 2012 (37 issues), and now Doomsday Clock, created by Writer Geoff Johns (President and Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics), Penciller Gary Frank, and Colourist Brad Anderson. Will the HBO series portray the struggles of individual Watchmen like The Comedian prior to his fatal fall in Snyder’s 2009 Watchmen? Or the collapse of a universe and the beginning of a new chapter in DC history?

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Watchmen is expected to be aired between 2018 – 2019. But, with Doomsday Clock’s new schedule, Who Watches the Watchmen?

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