(Injustice 2 #41 Comic Review) Rapunzel


After her arrival on Earth, Kara Zor-El was found and taken in by Black Adam. After helping free Wonder Woman and her Amazons, she now trains to be a warrior.

Injustice 2 #41
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Mike S. Miller (Khandaq sequence) & Daniel Sampere
Cover Artist: Tyler Kirkman
Cover Colors: Arif Prianto
Colorist: J. Nanjan (Khandaq sequence) & Rex Lokus
Letters: Wes Abbot
Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know:

Since her arrival on Earth, Kara Zor-El has been under the tutelage of Black Adam. With some prodding from Robin (Damian Wayne), she helped them free Wonder Woman from her prison on Themyscira. But not only has she helped liberate Wonder Woman, she brought along the defected Amazons as well.

What You’ll Find Out:


The chapter opens up with Kara being trained by the Amazons and being hesitant about stomping on a man’s privates. Seeing the hesitation, Black Adam uses it to get the upper hand and force Antiope to end the training. She stresses that when there is an opening you need to press the advantage. Kara looks to Damian for a third opinion but he elects to avoid the conversation as the only other male present. Antiope shows frustration, claiming she can’t train Kara to fight if Kara is fighting herself at the same time. Wonder Woman agrees and pulls her aside to talk.


Wonder Woman brings up that Kara holds back much like Superman does. She claims that like him she never wanted violence. That peace was something worth fighting for. Wonder Woman then tells Kara she isn’t ready to leave but when she finally is, she could be the deciding factor in what happens to the world. At the same time, Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) is being trained by Booster Gold.


Unfortunately, their training is similarly not as successful. But we don’t get to see much of it before their interrupted by Skeets. They return to the trailer park to find Justin Baines, the representative for the Kord Estate, waiting for Booster. He has a file for Skeets that plays a holographic video will for Ted Kord. He leaves Kord Industries to Booster and takes a photo of the stunned hero so that all other active superheroes will know he really owns it. Not only that but he set up his long-term saving account so that Booster will legally own all his stolen technology.


The video will end with Ted asking him to look after Jamie. Justin suggests moving but Booster comically misses the point and thinks he means literally moving the trailer rather than into a real house. The scene shifts back to Khandaq where they discover Williams, Arizona was decimated by AMAZO. Damian leaves being convinced it was Ra’s doing and when Kara tries to stop him asks her to join him. He makes a reference to Rapunzel implying she’ll be unstoppable whenever she leaves and calls her Supergirl. Inspired by him, she takes the reference literally and cuts her hair. The final panel being her opening her shirt to reveal the Supergirl logo on her chest.


What Just Happened?

We get a break from Team Batman for a bit and have returned to focusing on the Regime and Booster Gold. We know the newbies for both are getting training and now Damian & Kara are going to try and deal with AMAZO. Oh, and Booster Gold owns Kord Industries so that could go interestingly, to say the least.

Rating: 9/10

Final Thought: This was a cute and funny chapter. The opening page really set the tone for the chapter and Booster Gold is always a treat. Just everything with him and Ted was so sweet. Even the stuff with Damian & Kara is cute at times. It’s nice seeing a more normal side of them so we aren’t just getting railroaded into hating them thanks to canon. I admittedly forgot the Regime was even a thing still so seeing them get involved in the AMAZO plotline will be interesting to see. This is also the first Injustice 2 issue where there were two artists working on the comic rather than just one. It’s not glaringly noticeable like one section is standard western comics while the other is abstract but when you notice you can tell the subtle differences. Not really a bad thing but definitely an interesting thing of note.

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