REVIEW: Supergirl S3 Ep11 “Fort Rozz”

Desperate to defeat Reign, Supergirl assembles a super team to gather intel on the deadly killer, but will they be enough?

Supergirl – “Fort Rozz”, Season 3, Episode 11
Airdate: January 22, 2018
Writers: Gabriel Llanas and Anna Musky-Goldwyn
Production Company: Berlanti Productions / Warner Bros. Television

What You Should Know:

Supergirl’s friend Samantha Arias has a hidden personality: the Kryptonian killing machine Reign. After killing countless people in the city, and almost killing Supergirl as well, Supergirl and the DEO team are desperate to find a weakness to defeat Reign before she kills again. Meanwhile, Samantha continues to have no knowledge of what she does when she has her blackout spells.

What You’ll Find Out (Spoilers):

At the DEO, Kara (aka Supergirl) and the team surmise that they must try to track down the Kryptonian priestess that Thomas Coville spoke to as a means of finding out more information on Reign. They are able to decipher that the most likely person is the priestess Jindah Kol Rozz, who was imprisoned at Fort Rozz as she was seen wearing the Reign crest upon her.


Supergirl reminds the team that she sent Fort Rozz into space, but Winn informs her that they were able to find the trajectory and location of the space prison. When he mentions the coordinates, Mon-El and Saturn Girl explain that they know that area of space and that it’s inhabited by a blue sun. Supergirl explains that she will be powerless in the presence of a blue sun. The DEO team say that not only that but that anyone with male genes will be killed by its rays as well. When Supergirl says that she will travel to the space station herself, J’onn advises against it, telling her that she will need a team at her side due to her weakened state. Determined to speak to Jindah Kol Rozz to find if Reign has any weaknesses, Supergirl approaches prior nemesis’ Live Wire and Psi to ask if they would help her defeat Reign. Playing to the fact that Reign will most likely kill them for their past deeds, the two villains agree to help.  They, along with Supergirl and Saturn Girl, leave Earth via the Legion spaceship.

Samantha and her daughter Ruby visit Supergirl’s sister Alex Danvers to see if she’s okay after Reign broke her leg during their last battle. Alex says that she’s fine, just bored. When Sam’s babysitter cancels last minute via text, Alex volunteers to watch Ruby while Sam goes on a work trip for L Corp. Just as she leaves, Sam gets a mental signal from Reign’s dark fortress of solitude. Switching personas, Reign flies to the fortress and asks the A.I. system what’s wrong. It tells her that its sensors have detected that Supergirl has left Earth. It’s calculated that she is most likely going to Fort Rozz to find Jindah Kol Rozz. It then produces a spacecraft and tells Reign to get to Jindah before Supergirl can.

When Supergirl and her team arrive at Fort Rozz, they find dead male prisoners throughout the facility. After a while, they are ambushed by a frenzied female inmate. During the battle, the inmate strikes Psi, knocking her to the ground. When Saturn Girl goes to see if Psi is okay, the once villain instinctively uses a mental attack on Saturn Girl. The effect leaves both Saturn Girl and Psi dazed.


Once the space station inmate is subdued, Supergirl places a psychic dampener on Psi and asks Saturn Girl if she’s okay. After confirming that she is fine, they interrogate the female prisoner. She tells them that Jindah Kol Rozz is the deadliest person on the space station and that if they go looking to find her, they will die. The sensors on the ship go haywire. When Saturn Girl looks at the display, she tells the others that the strength of the blue sun is pulling both the space station and the ship into it. They have two hours before both structures are destroyed. Supergirl tells Saturn Girl to stay on the ship with Psi to try to find a way to pull free from the sun while she and Live Wire look for Jindah. Just after Supergirl leaves, the ship detects the approach of a new ship. Saturn Girl confirms that it is Reign. Knowing that Supergirl is powerless, Psi tells Saturn Girl to remove her mental dampener. She reluctantly does, allowing Psi to go after Supergirl.

When Supergirl and Live Wire find Jindah, the dark priestess tells them that Reign is unstoppable and that she and her fellow world destroyers will rule each world they conquer. Supergirl is shocked to hear that there are others like Reign. Just then Reign appears. Jindah goes to her and asks for Reign to release her so that they can bring about a new age. Reign kills Jindah instead with her eye beams. When Reign goes after Supergirl next, Live Wire battles her. The brawl culminates with Live Wire sending a huge blast of energy at Reign that knocks both of them to the ground. Seeing that Live Wire’s powers are spent, Reign is about to kill her when Supergirl reminds her that she came to destroy Supergirl, not Live Wire. Reign is about to fire a deadly eye beam at Kara when Live Wire jumps in the way, taking the beam instead in a sacrificial act of goodness. Supergirl holds the dead Live Wire and is about to be hit by another of Reign’s eye beams when Psi appears and sends a mental blast at Reign. This causes Reign to remember her daughter Ruby and just how much  Ruby needs her mother. This makes the Samantha personality appear for a moment. Reign takes over again and flies away.


Arriving back at the DEO, Supergirl tells the team that there are more Reign beings on Earth that they must stop. Seeing that Supergirl is still upset about the death of Live Wire, Mon-El consoles her, telling her that even though Live Wire is dead, Supergirl was still able to transform a villain into a hero in the end. This comforts Supergirl, causing her to appreciate that Psi similarly was able to be a good guy as well. Just before the DEO police return Psi to her cell, Supergirl asks them if they could possibly give her a better cell, one with a window. Psi then smiles at Supergirl, showing a sign of thanks.

While watching Ruby, Alex receives a text from Maggie, her ex-fiance. This throws her into an emotional loop. Seeing that she is upset, Ruby asks her if she’s okay. Alex said that she’s fine, but that her ex just texted her to ask for her Passport to be sent to her. Ruby helps her find the passport, then tells Alex that she understands about feeling bad. She explains that a girl at school was posting awful things about her on social media. Alex then confronts the girl, telling her that cyberbullying is a federal offense and that she can be put into juvenile authority detention. Fearful, the girl says that she will never post anything bad about Ruby again. Listening in, Ruby is elated and has a new bond with Alex. When they return to Alex’s apartment, Sam shows up to pick up Ruby. When Alex asks Sam how her work trip went, Sam freezes. She is suddenly confused and asks Alex what does she mean. When Alex says that Lena Luthor sent her on a work trip for L Corp., Sam checks her phone and sees that she’s missed many phone calls and texts from Lena. Sam breaks down with Alex telling her that she doesn’t remember where she was and that she’s had blackout moments before where she loses track of time for hours and days.

Elsewhere in the city, a woman is hit by a car. Coming to seconds later, the woman pushes the car off of her and stands up. Her eyes then flash from normal to white several times.

What Does This Mean for the Future?

The DEO now knows that there are more Reign beings on Earth, making it even more desperate for them to find a way to stop them.

Rating: 9/10

Final Thought: This episode was all about female strength as Supergirl had to rely on fellow super-powered women to help save the day. Though one of the featured characters died, it showed that Supergirl isn’t just about beating up bad guys. It showed that she’s a person who believes in redemption, forgiveness and second chances.  Live Wire showed this by sacrificing her life for Supergirl’s, and Psi showed this by helping an enemy when she didn’t have to. It’s because of this plot point in the episode that I give this one such high marks. I think we all could appreciate and learn from this.

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