REVIEW: Daredevil #597 Review (“Better the Devil You Know”)

Matt Murdock is sworn in as The Deputy Mayor of NY City, under the new mayor Wilson Fisk. The Police search for Daredevil, and all bets are off when they offer a reward for his Capture.


RCO001 (1)

Writer: Charles Soule

Artist: Stefano Landini
Cover Artist: Dan Mora & Romulo Fajardo
Colorist: Matt Milla
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What You Need to Know:

In an unexpected turn of events, The Kingpin (Wilson Fisk) has asked Matt Murdock to be his Deputy Mayor. In a strange turn, Matt Has Accepted the position. The Mayor-Elect announces his new Deputy Mayor via a Press conference, that does not go unnoticed by Frank Castle (The Punisher) and Spiderman. Both do not seem impressed.

Cameo Appearance from Spiderman and the Punisher.

The moment the Press Conference ended Fisk walks away from Matt mid-sentence. He is greeted by the eager staff member names Steve. Matt has been instructed to go through Briefing Books from the past Administrations, but since he is Blind Steve will be reading them to him, and there are a lot of them! Well Played Mr. Fisk.

What You’ll Find Out:

Just Then who enters but the Love able Foggy Nelson. Just in time to save the day. Steve of course protests, because they are busy, but Matt dismisses him so Foggy and he can talk.

RCO011_w copy.jpg

Foggy asks Matt just what he was thinking. He says “My first thought was that you were planning to kill the Kingpin and take over the city, but then I looked up the rules of succession.” Matt says ” Yup Deputy Mayor never gets to be Mayor. It’s basically a ceremonial position.”

Matt explains to Foggy that he thinks that this will be an advantage because, with his enhanced hearing, he will be able to keep tabs on the Kingpin. Foggy is not so sure and offered this advice “Just be careful. If there’s anything I know about Wilson Fisk–It’s that if you think you’re playing him, He is definitely playing you.” And Foggy leaves and Matt tries to pick up on a conversation that Fisk and Wesley have as they are leaving the building. He gets frustrated as the Unflappable Steve returns, but he picks up the phrase “Sarnos Project.”

What Just Happened:

Daredevil thinks to himself ” I don’t need to go on patrol tonight. I shouldn’t do this. But if I’m not on the streets, the Kingpin wins. And the Kingpin will not win.”

Against his better judgment Daredevil heads out to patrol his beloved Hell’s Kitchen. Hid enhanced senses detect a robbery at a neighborhood Bodega. He arrives with his normal punctuality to prevent the shopkeeper from being harmed and takes out the two armed men with a single toss of his Billy club.

The Owner tells him that the Crooks probably shot at him because they wanted the reward and that he just called the police, and with that, he points his own gun at Daredevil. There’s just no loyalty these days for Superheros, as the man called the cops and planned to get the reward himself. The police bust in and then there is a Bright flash of Daylight, that blinds everyone there. (well except Matt.)


The Flash was from Frank McGee, a former NY Police detective. He is an Inhuman, and now in charge of security for The Inhuman’s Home on Earth New Attilan.

RCO017 (1)
Frank McGee the Head of Inhuman Security on New Attilan warns Daredevil.

Frank has a great reason to meet with Daredevil. He tells him that the Killer that both he and Blindspot faced The Muse has escaped his cell. This is the reason that he has risked an international incident by coming to see Daredevil. Immediately he calls Sam to warn him.

The Muse. He was responsible for taking out Blindspot’s eyes.

Daredevil Calls Sam (Blindspot) and he gives him the warning that Muse is out on the streets of NY City. Sam tells him he is pretty sure that he knows where he was, and it looks like he has a new focus on his attention.


RCO020_w copy.jpg

Rating: 9/10

Final Thought: Solid storytelling that simmers to a boil and leaves every last page with a startling cliffhanger. What the story does is change levels like a prizefighter. It leaves you guessing and waiting for the other shoe to drop. I cannot wait to see if Steve the Intern, becomes Daredevil’s true Arch Nemesis! I for one, enjoy this and Soule has certainly established himself as a formidable voice in the Daredevil saga. High marks and I recommend reading the run starting from Issue #595 to get the full immersion into the world of the Mayor Fisk storyline.

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