REVIEW: Super Sons #12 (“Saviors Final Act”)

The Titans of tomorrow have helped bring down Savior and prevented Superboy from destroying the present. Will they stick around? Or will they leave as quickly as they got here? Find out in this heartfelt finale of “Super Sons of Tomorrow”!

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Authors: Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Artist: Tyler Kirkham
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Colors: Tomeu Morey
Publisher: DC Comics

!!!Spoiler Warning!!!

What You Need to Know:  
The Tim Drake of the future has taken a new name, Savior, as he tries once again to change the events of the present in order to stop a catastrophe in his future. Alone, Savior embarks on a mission to stop Jon Kent from using his solar flare and destroying everything they hold dear. In doing so he caused Superboy to detonate early which triggered the Titans of tomorrow to come and bring him back to his own time.

When Tim Drake comes back to the present he immediately immobilizes both Batman and Superman. Afterwards, he puts his marker on the Titans as he easily defeats them and tries to kill Superboy. In doing so he ended up causing the destruction he came to prevent. When Tim is almost drawn back to his own time his friends from his time lock onto his location and even grab onto his hand sending them flying through hypertime until the eventually find the time Tim has been causing trouble in.

Savior splits the Teen Titans in half emotionally and gets help from Gar and Raven. Meanwhile, Damien, Aqualad, and Starfire each try to save Superboy. They do so with some comical execution putting the plot right where it needs to be as they try and free Superman from his red kryptonite prison. When the Titans try and tell Jon to leave his dad Jons emotions get the better of him as he spirals into an emotional storm that almost destroys everything. In the last seconds of his present life Savior decides to sacrifice himself for his mission, and in his last breath carries the storm into hyperspace, absorbing them both.

What You’ll Find Out:
After the events that have transpired, all the heroes of the past and present are left a little confused about what happens next. The Titans, along with Superman find themselves in front of future versions of their identities. Bart Allen, Cassie Sandsmark, and Conner Kent share brief dialogue with our heroes of the present before eventually leaving for their own time.
During all this, Wally (Kid Flash) West decided to take a selfie to remember the brief run-in with the future heroes.
Raven smashes the phone trying to make Wally understand how extreme the events that have taken place are. Raven sees that the Titans have been left fragile and split as they try to pick themselves up, Starfire decides to have a meeting where the entire team tries and works out the untrust they have for each other.

Superman takes Damian and Jon back through the fortress of solitude to discuss their partnership. Clark feels that their relationship is troublesome and that Damian may not be the best role model for Jon. With a couple quippy remarks Damian does something we don’t often see, as he confirms his feelings towards Jon and that he sees him as an ally, partner, and friend.
Afterwards, Superman takes them to the Justice League headquarters, where the Teen Titans can work while their tower is restored after Jons initial eruption a couple issues back. While the young Titans get comfortable each of them happily sits in their corresponding (or close enough so) seats as Jon starts to walk away. Before Jon can leave, Damian gets the rest of the team to vote on if Jon should become a member or not.

Batman walks in to see what had happened with the future Tim Drake as the rest of the Titans start their vote. The vote is a hard no, as Starfire explains how the team needs to recuperate and they need to work on themselves before adding another new member. Saddened, Jon begins to leave, but before he gets to far his friend Damian swoops in to cheer him up as we see Damian finally start to mature a little. l98cionahma01.png

What Just Happened?
Although the action was left in the last issue of this crossover, Super Sons #12 gives off the heartwarming feelings I had hoped to get when Conner Cassie and Bart finally made their return. After the climax of this crossover event comes the better part of the latter half, the ending. While I didn’t hate the story, it really felt like issues three and four were lackluster, cliche, and all in all a letdown. Savior is no better a villain that Tim Drake is a hero, and I hope they lay the future version to rest after two back-to-back arcs.

This issue actually ends the story on a high note. Although it’s not perfect, It shows great growth from a significant amount characters. The Teen Titans must fix themselves from within before continuing as a team. This will hopefully lead to some even better Teen Titans arcs that keep the same quality as they currently have. Bruce’s arc will more than likely lead to a falling out between Tim and Bruce within Detective Comics, and Damian gets some of the best character growth I’ve seen out of him since rebirth started. Even with everything going on Tomasi and Gleason were still able to fit a couple of those kid-friendly Damian & Jon moments in that always makes me smile. This and other events including Dark Knight: Metal really shows how much Damian has matured.

Hopefully, The teased Titans of tomorrow will make their first true appearance in Rebirth soon, since this story is obviously foreshadowing the return of some very beloved characters. I was really hoping to see them make an impact on this story but ended up more of a deus ex machina to get Tim to see the error of his ways.  All you needed was Conner and his small conversation with Clark and that’s all they truly utilized these characters for and I find that to be a shame.

The Art starts and ends beautifully as the artistic team of Tyler Kirkham and Tomeu Morey strikes again. The very first splash page is more fascinating due to all its references the DC’s timeline, you can see events stretching from “Crisis on Infinite Earths” all the way to “Death of the Family” as Savior floats through time and space, planning for his eventual re-entry to reality. Each location through the issue is easily recognizable by changing color schemes that make the story easy to follow.

Rating: 8/10.  

Final Thoughts: While this crossover may not have worked for some, I found my mind just racing with the possibilities of what could come next. This eventually becomes the events’ downfall, as not enough time was put into the plot but way too much time was spent setting up for what’s to come. Luckily this issue stood mostly on its own, only being somewhat guilty of this crime. With some exceptional art and amazing character development, I wouldn’t tell you to stray away from this story as it does truly add a lot to the DC universe altogether, with a fun ride along the way.

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