REVIEW: The Mighty Thor #703 (“Even The Gods Will Die!”- The Death of the Mighty Thor)

Jane Foster faces the most difficult decision of her life. Continue to wield the hammer and be Thor or die.

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Russell Dauterman
Colorist: Matthew Wilson
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What You Need to Know: Ever since Jane Foster became the new Mighty Thor, her cancer has gotten from manageable to terminal. Malekith has started a war across the realms and the need for Thor has never been greater. The Mangog is also on the loose and headed straight for Asgardia. Determined to finally bury Odin and all the gods there. But Jane Foster has finally reached her limit, having passed out after confronting Odin over his lack of willingness to help defeat Malekith. Jane’s time as Thor and her life, are coming to an end.

What You’ll Find Out: The Odinson returns Jane to earth where Dr. Strange is waiting to exam her. When Jane awakens, the Odinson, Falcon, and Roz along with Strange are there. They want to keep Jane from ever lifting the Mjolnir again and changing into Thor. Her cancer has spread and metastasized and if Jane transforms again, it’ll kill her. The Odinson explains he knows how hard it is to let go of being Thor. And that Jane must concentrate on getting healthy again. But Asgardia is under siege from the Mangog and now Jane must accept that she must let the Asgardians fend for themselves.

Heimdall the All-Seeing is the first to confront the Mangog. The Mangog’s rage is too much for Heimdall and the Mangog rips his eyes out. Before Cul can have the Bifrost activated to destroy the Mangog. Mangog destroys the Rainbow Bridge and continues his march on Asgardia. Just as the destruction continues, Strange continues his diagnosis of Jane’s cancer when Mjolnir shows up. Mjolnir speaks to Jane, warning her of the Mangog’s domination. The Asgardian’s throw everything they have at the Mangog. Freyja even uses her energy to activate the Destroyer and confront Mangog. It’s a wasted effort as Mangog rips through the Destroyer like it was nothing.

Knowing the devastation that Asgardia faces, it comes down to a difficult choice for Jane Foster. Wield the hammer once again and know that once she transforms back into her human self she’ll die. Or to lay in bed and get healthy and hope things work out. Jane finally decides to not transform into Thor and stays in the hospital. The Odinson leaves to help protect Asgardia. The Mangog approaches Odin and as Odin seems to accept his fate. The Odinson arrives to team up with his father to take on the rage-filled Mangog once and for all.

There’s also an “end credits” scene with Logan leaving flowers for Jane anonymously.

What Just Happened?

Jason Aaron masterfully weaves together an issue that is all about “choice.” And it has such a human element to it that it really brings all the god aspects of it “down to earth” (no pun intended). Many people can relate to fathers, mothers, and many adults who work tirelessly till they are no longer healthy. Put in the magical twist and the superhero aspect. And the reader feels for Jane Foster’s vulnerability in ways most superheroes don’t display. It’s got so much heart and intelligence that Aaron is undoubtedly firing on all cylinders here.

Add the beautiful and amazing art of Russell Dauterman. The brilliant colors of Matthew Wilson and this book just has no equal at present. The look of Jane Foster as a very ill and dying woman gives just as much impact as the Mangog crunching the Destroyer like a soda can. Every page and panel is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see the throw down with the Odinson and Odin against Mangog.

Rating: 10/10. Final Thoughts: I can’t praise this book enough as it is going down as one of my all-time favorite runs. This is just amazing comic book storytelling. “Nuff said!”


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