Breaking News: Kick-Ass is Truly Already Kicking-Ass!

Mark Millar and artist John Romita Jr. have returned 10 years later to Kick-Ass with a new hero under the mask. The Kick-Ass reboot has already totally sold at the distributor level kicking ass and taking names before it is even due to hit shelves Feb. 22nd!  It won’t be long before an announcement is made regarding the rush back to press!

Interested in knowing more about the reboot of Mark Millar and artist John Romita Jr. return to Kick-Ass, the new character Patience Lee, just follow the link to First Watch: Kick-Ass Kick’s Ass!

Millar fans, that’s not all, the hit just keep coming!  If interested in Kick-Ass, and you have somehow missed the news, make sure to check out Comic-Watch Press’s First Watch: Hit-Girl!


Both due out in Feb., place your orders now as it’s already too late for the LCS to order more of Kick-Ass #1, as Diamond is completely out, so you can expect to hear from ComicWatch as updates from Image Comics arrive announcing Kick-Ass, and in all likelihood, Hit-Girl will be on the way back to press for 2nd printings as well!  We will have it here first!


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