First Watch: Looking for a Little Romance? Moonstruck Vol.1 Will Charm Readers of All Ages This March

Grace Ellis(Creator of Lumberjanes) and debut artist Shae Beagle, with editor Laurenn McCubbin, colorist Caitlin Quirk, Letterer Clayton Cowles, and story-within-a-story artist Kate Leth, will release the first five issues of the all-ages fantasy series in one volume this March.



Published under Image Comics, Moonstruck Vol. 1 will tell the beautiful story of werewolf barista, Julie, and her new girlfriend Selena as they go on a date to a magic show. When the magician casts a terrible spell on their friend Chet all heck breaks loose. They must band together as a team of mythical romance warriors and stop the illicit illusionist!

“Moonstruck make me happy just thinking about it. I love everything about it. The first issue is a dreamy delight, a slice of life comic infused with queer romance and intersectional diversity”

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Moonstruck Vol. 1 will be available in stores Wednesday, March 21st, 2018.

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