REVIEW: X-Men Blue #20 (All Together Now!)

CROSS TIME CAPERS Part 5! The Truth revealed, but is it only the beginning of more problems for our time-displaced young heroes?

xmb 20.jpg

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: R. B. Silva
Inker: Adriano Di Benedetto
Color Artist: Rain Beredo
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Artists: Arthur Adams & Rain Beredo
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What You Need To Know:
Using a time machine Magneto had hidden in the basement of the X-Mansion, The five original X-Men along with two other time-displaced teammates, Jimmy Hudson and Bloodstorm, attempted to head home, back to their original time. Jumping into various moments in X-Men history, to the future of 2099 and back to the recent past, they ultimately land back home, just in time to witness the murder of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and Magneto…by THEMSELVES!?!? But it was really the future Brotherhood of Evil Mutants posing as the X-Men! Not even the 7 heroes and Magneto united can seem to stop the Brotherhood!

You can read my reviews for the first parts of  this story arc here: Parts 1 and 2,
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Correction: In my review of X-Men Blue #19 (Part 4), I commented on the colors by Joe Caramgna (Letterer) when it should have read Rain Beredo! (Thanks, Chris!)

What You’ll Find Out.

xmb 20 1 copy.jpg

Charles Xavier II, son of Charles Xavier and Mystique and leader of this future Brotherhood, is explaining his plan to the team, while future Xorn (a bodiless, future Jean Grey) pummels them telekinetically.

xmb 20 1 copy 2.jpg

xmb 20 2 copy.jpg

Bloodstorm is able to get through the TK field in an interesting way.

xmb 20 3 copy.jpg

A free-for-all ensues. This will not be the last time we see Xorn beheaded this issue, and there’s an odd exchange.

xmb 20 5 copy.jpg

To me, it looked as if Xorn exited her body, since the power signature is blue, where Magneto’s is that dark fuschia in the panel before it.

Jean uses her powers to find the real Professor.

xmb 20 6 copy.jpg

Hank brings in reinforcements using his tech.

xmb 20 7.jpg

And we see Xorn beheaded again but this time it’s explicitly stated she’s a “psychic construct”. Hmmm…


xmb 20 8 copy.jpg
An homage to New X-Men #150.

With his Brotherhood on the ropes due to the combined might of X-Men past, present and future, Xavier and his team begin to disappear into the timestream, as do the X-Men of 2099 and Generation X.

xmb 20 9 copy.jpg

Questioning their “win”, the Professor explains to the X-Men that since some things have been altered, they too must return to the exact moment they left.

xmb 20 11 copy.jpg
They shift away, back to the X-Mansion in Madripoor, continuing to ponder their place.
Meanwhile, the Brotherhood appear before Magneto of the past, who is not too thrilled to see them…

xmb 20 15 copy.jpg


What Just Happened?
The X-Men must return to the exact moment from whence they came, in order for time to correct itself. But what does that mean for Jimmy Hudson and Bloodstorm? This issue slows down the momentum, just a tidbit, with a lot of exposition, and it feels like, if it were condensed, could have been a few extra pages added to last issue. The addition of the other X-Teams was nice to see, and we get some great moments there. The characterization is beautifully done, especially from Jean, the Professor, and Magneto. Their adversary gets a few moments too.

xmb 20 14.jpg

The art is once again stellar and wouldn’t be complete without the exquisite palette of Rain Beredo!

I have to address something. Where’s the Bloodstorm love? She doesn’t get an intro portrait as a team member? Come on now, she’s been a breakout!

xmb 20 16.jpg



Rating 8.5/10
Final thought:
Ultimately, I enjoyed this issue, but I feel like it could have been condensed and added to last issue. All in all, a few more steps forward in Cross Time Capers!

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