BREAKING NEWS: X-Men Red #1 Already Headed Back to Press!

Marvel Comics is going back to press for the second printing of X-Men: Red #1, the highly anticipated new X-men title with a whole new team to be led by the recently resurrected Jean Grey and it hasn’t even hit the shelves yet!


X-Men Red #1 is published next Wednesday by Marvel Comics. Written by Tom Taylor, art by Mahmud Asrar, colors by Ive Svorcina, letters by Cory Petit, Christina Harrington as assistant editor, Mark Paniccia as editor.





The team is Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Namor, Gentle, Trinary, Honey Badger and the X-23 Wolverine. Mostly physical powers, that don’t distract from Jean Grey’s mental prowess. This team is isolated away from humanity for a reason.  It’s about survival and a changing human/mutant landscape.  This would be a fundamental change to the mutant books if others fall into line. Could this be the future of the Marvel mutant-verse, taking the themes and ideas that have always been there since the first issue and taking them forward in a new way?


In a story like this, it is usually a side character who becomes the reader’s eye into this world, in X-Men Red, it is the team’s leader, the original Jean Grey, who bridges the gap to the reader.  X-Men: Red  #1 seems more than just a new comic book, but a new launch of the X books.  From what we are being told, plan on it to be far more successful in pulling this new human/mutant landscape together than the X-Men Prime, Gold and Blue first issues that came before it.

Get your copies of X-men: Red # 1 reserved now! Sold out at the Diamond distributor level and already back to press, I wouldn’t be surprised if this book goes to third print!


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