FIRST WATCH: Reach Out & Touch Faith with Godshaper

Fan of alternate history stories?  This week’s, Godshaper, get’s a softcover collection.  Godshaper , by Simon Spurrier and Jonas Goonface, introduces a world where the laws of physics stopped working in 1958, and everyone woke up one day with their own personal companion god.


Ennay is a man known as a Godshaper, someone born without a personal god, but with the ability to shape the gods of other people.  Godshapers are useful but universally scorned, so Ennay’s just a man trying to get a paying gig so he can eat and play music without the judgment of everyone else.


Crazy stuff, right?  This book is filled with misfits, rockabilly style, dark secrets, and Bud, an adorable human-less god who really likes hats.  Trust me, this is a story you’ll immediately get sucked into!


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