REVIEW: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5 Ep 09 “Best Laid Plans”

The Agents make a desperate attempt to get the Zephyr airborne while Mack and Yo-Yo face down Kasius!


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Airdate January 26, 2018, ABC Fridays 9pm
Created by Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen
Production Company ABC Studios & Marvel Television


zephyr 2

What You Should Know:

The team was reunited with The Seer, now an old woman, as secrets of the past came to light. Samuel Voss tried to kill Quake, Destroyer of Worlds, to prevent the destruction of Earth. Unable to get Quake, he killed Robin The Seer instead. Meanwhile, Mack, Yo-Yo, and Flint faced a horde of hungry Vrellnexians back in the Lighthouse.

What You’ll Find Out:

509 kreepers

609 kasius and kree

(SPOILERS AHEAD!) Two “Kreepers” carrying actual Kree weapons are stalking the Lighthouse humans when they are ambushed by a group led by Mack and Yo-Yo.
Kasius is displeased with the uprising just as he is about to leave this awful place, Destroyer in hand. He wants to remind the humans he is not their enemy, he is their God!

509 zephyr

509 enoch phil

Another gravity storm approaches the Zephyr One wreckage. Enoch asks Coulson “This Inhuman boy with the geokinesis is the key to your return home?” Coulson informs Enoch that’s what Robin told May (last week’s episode). But first, they have to get the Zephyr in the air and return to the Lighthouse to retrieve Flint, Mack, and Elena.

509 deke

509 voss gun

509 voss

Voss’s fate is left up to Deke. Deke is enraged that Voss killed his father. Voss tells Deke his father thought S.H.I.E.L.D. would arrive with some master plan and that Voss wanted to just kill them to prevent the catastrophe on Earth. Voss and Deke’s dad, Owen, had a physical struggle and Owen was killed.  Voss says they should give Quake, Destroyer of Worlds, to Kasius.

509 tess

509 flint yo

Kasius has sent a message to the humans: Tess. Alive again. She informs everyone that Kasius has threatened to end the human race with the push of a button. He has a really big button (*snicker*). Kasius wants every child over ten so he can continue his Inhuman breeding program and he wants Mack and Yo-Yo as incentive for his Destroyer of Worlds to return to him. One more thing he wants: Flint.

509 fitz panel

509 grav

Fitz and Simmons discover the Zephyr One has been upgraded with Gravitonium for artificial gravity. They also speculate that’s what is also holding the planet together. And maybe the Gravitonium is also what destroyed it. They also fear they all may be stuck in an endless time loop. Enoch suggests everyone evacuate to the caves.

509 mack bomb 2

509 may grav

509 fitz jem

Mack finds bombs hooked up to the Lighthouse oxygen lines which Kasius can set off and incinerate everyone. Back at the Zephyr, people are evacuating to the caves (which appear to be located right under the ship?) Mack can’t dismantle the bombs fast enough nor can he disarm them. So he and Yo-Yo are going to turn themselves over to Kasius.
The gravity storm is tossing the Zephyr about. The team plans to use the gravity storm to lift off from the planet.

509 sinara arrives 2

509 tess 2

509 kasius tess

Sinara slinks in as people are rushing to get to the caves. Tess returns to Kasius with a message and an invite to a meeting with the humans. May can’t get the anchors to release on the Zephyr.

509 kasius guards

509 xx771ng2tuyow1wf1lhj

509 zephyr 2

A confrontation brews between Kasius and his entourage and the humans. Skye-Daisy attempts to manually retract the anchors and is attacked by Sinara. Zephyr One finally lifts off and when it does the gravity on the ship goes out leaving SInara and Quake, Destroyer of Worlds, floating and trying to fight each other.

509 zephyr liftoff

509 sin quake

509 deke 2

May turns the artificial gravity on and the women hit the floor and continue their fight. Freaky Blue Bitch Sinara has decided to go against Kasius’s orders and kill Quake. Deke, who has followed the Destroyer of Worlds to maybe, possibly kill her uses a grappling claw to snag Sinara instead.

509 button

509 bomb 2

509 bombs

509 MarvelsAoS-S5_TTVJ_Ep509_04

On the Lighthouse, Kasius threatens to blow up the humans. Back on the Zephyr, Sinara floats up slowly toward Skye-Daisy so she can be impaled by a rod Daisy is holding. Sinara dies (?).

509 boom

509 zeph 2

509 boom boom

Kasius sets off the explosives which, unknown to him, have been moved to Level 25, leaving the humans safe.

509 Mack-and-YoYo-lead-a-rebellion-against-the-Kree-bc6542df

509 kasius

Epilogue: Zephyr One makes radio contact with Mack. Kasius orders a squad to meet the Zephyr at the landing pad. Kasius says he has a Seer of his own.

What This Means For The Future:

From the previews, it looks like the Agents are going to finally find a way home. But Daisy fears if she goes it’s the beginning of the end. Which means she will probably go back with the rest of the team with her inhibitor collar intact so the writers can keep her powerless. It’s also teased Yo-Yo may die.

Final Thought: Messy. Viewers are expected to throw out logic and go with the flow. In the fight between Sinara and Quake the gravity goes out and yet they are still able to move and throw punches at regular pace as though there was gravity…the ease and quickness of which Fitz and Simmons get the Zephyr, which has laid dormant in its crashed state for some 80 years, to lift off….the Zephyr occupants who were going to go with the S.H.I.E.L.D. team, but evacuated to the caves when it seemed the ship was going to get destroyed, are just left behind. I’ve held back bringing this up but just what the hell is going on with the make-up on Kasius and Sinara? She has a white patch in the shape of an eye mask and Kasius goes from a light blue complexion to pasty white back and forth for no reason. At first, I thought it may be Kree makeup, seeing what they did with the gold on Kasius’ personal servants but we are never told or shown that for sure. Then I thought of the changes in lighting but that doesn’t hold up either as Kasius has been shown pasty white in bright and in dark lighting. For those that are enjoying the season so far, I’m sorry to pick on the show so much but the writing is so sloppy I can’t pretend to not see all these gaping holes and inconsistencies in the scripts every week.



I’ve heard many fans say that Mockingbird and Mr. Hyde were on the series to which I will tell you they were not. Those names were never spoken. Bobbi Morse was on the series but the show never took the opportunity for her to become the superhero Mockingbird…it’s like the producers are embarrassed for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to be seen as a comic book show. Rather than give the series it’s own uniqueness the producers are content with having just another high tech spy show. They want to be seen as a Marvel Universe show but won’t avail themselves of hardly any material from the comics as the movies do.


They give Daisy superpowers and call her Quake but at every turn, they are finding one excuse after another to not let her use her powers, the latest one being the inhibitor collar. I can totally see the writers letting her return to Earth with the collar functioning so she can’t become the Destroyer of Worlds.

Rating: 5/10

shield classifieds

Mr. Hyde
Real Name Calvin Zabo
First Appearance: Journey Into Mystery #99




Calvin Zabo
No Alias
First Appearance: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 “Heavy Is The Head”

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs Fridays at 9:00 on most ABC stations. Check your local listings.

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