REVIEW: The Despicable Deadpool #293 (Bucket List pt. 2)

After just barely making his escape from visiting Stevil Rogers, Deadpool has drawn the attention of X-Men member Rogue who is threatening to take him in for his crimes!


The Despicable Deadpool #293
Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Matteo Lolli
Inker: Christian Dalla Vecchia
Colorist: Ruth Redmond
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What You Need to Know:

In his quest to repay Stryfe for saving his loved ones, Deadpool has checked two people off of the evil clone’s hit list, leaving just two to go. The only problem is, Deadpool doesn’t feel like killing the people Stryfe wants him to. After blowing off some steam toying with Stevil Rogers in his prison cell and leaving him with the threat of his return, Deadpool used a hot air balloon to escape. This drew the attention of a few nearby guards who filled him and the balloon full of bullet holes, drawing the attention of a nearby X-Men member…Rogue.

What You’ll Find Out:

Two police guards discuss their involvement with recent events in New York when suddenly a giant S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier arrives above them. Riding on top is none other than Deadpool himself, yelling for New York to come and get him. Before he can get anyone’s attention, Rogue suddenly appears and strikes Deadpool in the face, sending him grasping for the edge of the helicarrier.


After a short back and forth, Rogue reveals to Deadpool that she is there to take him in. This prompts Deadpool to let go of the helicarrier and plummet towards the city below. Just before he smashes against the road, however, Rogue catches him and hurls him into a nearby seafood truck. She tells him they might be able to reduce his sentence given the circumstance of his crimes, but to Deadpool, this is just another person trying to control him. He lists all of those who have tried to control him, ending with Rogue herself, but she refuses. Rogue explains how she still believes in Deadpool and even acknowledges why their fling didn’t work out, but then she strikes Deadpool on the chin and sends him flying onto the nearby rooftops.

Rogue quickly arrives to confront Deadpool once again, but she is struck in the face with thermite causing her to go temporarily blind. Deadpool asks Rogue to not forget her promise to Ellie and with a quick apology for how the past events transpired, he escapes…


As Rogue washes her face off and clears her vision, a voice nearby asks her if she is okay. Rogue explains how Deadpool got away and that she still has a ton of X-Men work to do when Captain America shows up. He tells Deadpool is his mess, and now he’ll clean it up.

What Just Happened?

In what many would brush off as simply a filler issue for the latest Despicable Deadpool, readers are given not only the expected humor but also a bit of rare personal character development that shows a side of the character not normally seen. In his exchange with Rogue throughout the majority of the issue, Deadpool gives a glimpse into the emotional toll that the evil Steve Rogers took during his attempted takeover. From his perspective, beginning with the Weapon X program people have nothing but try and control him. This offers a sense of vulnerability to the character that may not be always apparent, but certainly still lingers.


Aside from the depth of character exposed in the Despicable Deadpool #293, the story gives a nice balance between humor and action and even concludes with a bigger reveal than last issue. This begs the question though, will every issue in the Bucket List arc feature a surprise reveal like this? Regardless, Captain America’s appearance at the end of this issue was definitely exciting, and it left me personally more excited for the next issue than the previous one.

The artwork is exceptional, despite the predictability of certain events, each panel has vibrant colors and detail that seems to highlight what makes these instantly recognizable characters great. The action scenes are punctuated with brief moments of intriguing dialogue, creating a reading experience that immediately grabs your attention and keeps it until the shocking reveal at the end.

Although the Bucket List arc has seemingly lacked in overall substance, readers continue to receive emotionally engaging character development for the Merc’ with a Mouth that balances well with the humor and action expected from the title. This arc may not be the best jumping on point for new readers, but the latest issue shows its prominence with a side of Deadpool you just don’t see that often!

Rating: 8/10

Final Thoughts: The Despicable Deadpool #293 reveals emotional turmoil within Deadpool, showing a side of the character not normally seen. Although the latest issue lacks the urgency needed to make it great, the creative team balances character development with action exceptionally well, and ends with yet another shocking reveal!

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