REVIEW: Captain Marvel #128 (Dark Origins Part 4 “Who Needs Enemies With Friends Like These”)

Stuck in a backwards universe and held prisoner. Captain Marvel needs to free herself and find her friend Bean. But first…Thanos!

Writer: Margaret Stohl
Artist: Michele Bandini
Colorist: Erick Arciniega
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What You Need to Know:
Chasing after Dr. Eve and Mim, Captain Marvel found herself trapped in a backward universe. Dr. Eve and Mim were after an unknown stone from this universe. Peter Quill (Lord Starkill) assassinated Eve and Mim though and took the stone. Lord Starkill also took Captain Marvel and the Zetas prisoner. Now he intends to turn them over to the one person who brings justice to the universe. Thanos!

What You’ll Find Out: Captain Marvel is locked up and contemplating her situation. Thinking of Bean and how she doesn’t even know where to begin looking for her. Lord Starkill and his crew of backward Guardians of the Galaxy come to taunt Carol and her crew the Zetas. Quill reveals that he intends to hand over Carol to Thanos. That’s when Starkill’s crew the Ravagers, turn on him as they think it’s a bad idea to just walk into Thanos base. Thanos is in a relentless pursuit of justice and will lock them all away. Both the Zetas and Starkill’s crew join in a mutiny against Carol and Quill. Now Quill and Carol are locked up together.

Bean comes to Carol in a sort of vision again, asking her to come find her. And warning her if the mysterious red rock that Mim and Dr. Eve wanted. Natasha comes to inform Carol and Quill that the team up between the Ravagers and Zetas don’t last long. The Ravagers have decided to hand over both Quill and Carol to Thanos after all. Nebula is there to meet her sister Gamora and the Ravagers. The two sisters start fighting until their father Thanos breaks it up.

The Ravagers attempt to strike a deal to sell Quill and Carol only to find out, Thanos doesn’t want them. The Ravagers have something else Thanos is more interested in, the mysterious red stone. The stone turns out to be the Reality Stone. Thanos intends to use it to rid his universe of all injustice and make every criminal never exist. Natasha and the Ravagers free Captain Marvel and Starkill to try and stop Thanos. But just as Thanos is about to use the stone, Gamora stops him. The Zetas interfere as well and Carol retrieved the Reality Stone. They all escape and Thanos decides not to go after them.

Peter is hitting on Carol, saying they make a better team than rivals. At that moment, Dr. Eve shows up and asks for what Quill took from her. Even calling Captain Marvel, Carol Bean.

What Just Happened? Stohl has decided to really dish out the wackiness and nonsensical. The Guardians are Ravagers, the Alpha’s are the Zeta’s and so on. Which is just part of the fun that Stohl seems to be having with this arc. A twisted universe where Thanos is all about peace and justice. And this could be fun all around if it wasn’t for some things just not making sense at times. The Ravagers turned on Quill because they thought to go to Thanos was a bad idea, just do that anyway. And I must say, Captain Marvel, sleeps a lot throughout this arc. This is all leading to the Infinity event coming up and explaining how Captain Marvel ends up with one of the infinity stones.

Bandini and Arciniega do much better this issue with handling the transitions from one scene to the next. The details in each panel are done well and things are clear and lend to the story. But things are still a bit choppy from a storytelling standpoint. Which in a way is a downer considering how talented Bandini and Arciniega are.

Rating: 6/10. Final Thoughts: Dark Origins is a weird ride as everything is silly with such a series title. Stohl brings twisted aspects such as Thanos as a hero and another upside down concepts. Save for a few confusing story moments, it’s still a fun ride and enjoyable. Hopefully, Dark Origins ends with a bang and some serious positive moments. And I definitely look forward to getting back to our “regularly scheduled universe.”

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