REVIEW: Detective Comics #973 (Fall of the Batmen Finale)

Batman and his team must stop a Rampaging Clayface through the streets of Gotham. Red Robin is injured, and it is a Team effort to stop the carnage, in the Finale to Fall of the Batmen!



Detective Comics # 973
Writer:  James Tynion IV
Artist:  Jesus Merino
Inker:  Diana Egea
Colorist:  Jason Wright
Letterer:  Sal Cipriano
Cover Artist:  Guillem March & Tomeu Morey
Variant Cover:  Rafael Albuquerque
Editors:  Brian Cunningham, Chris Conroy & Dave Wielgosz
Publisher:  DC Comics

What You Need to Know:
Batman and Robin are in a Flashback to the day that they brought Clayface onto their team. Red Robin is excited to have worked on a project that he has named the “Mud Room” where these gallons of Psycho-active clay can be formed into enemies for the sake of Training. Way to go, Tim! batman cannot help but notice that Tim is enjoying this a little too much. Batman tells Tim that he is bringing in Batwoman and Clayface, and Tim is ecstatic. He tells Batman that he kept the Bell in here and wants to call this remote Hideout “The Belfry.”


What You’ll Find Out:
Present day and the problem at hand is the Godzilla =sized Clayface that is trampling Gotham beneath his billowy Clay Feet! Clayface has absorbed all of the Clay from Red Robin’s Mud Room, and Super-Sized Himself! The Remote Batcave like Belfry, Tim Drake’s Headquarters, was destroyed, and with it, Tim injured with a nasty Concussion.


Batman is working with the team to formulate a plan to bring Basil down to size.

What Just Happened?

Everyone is lending a hand to help stop Clayface. Batwing and Squire are working up a plan to have the Batwing drones controlled by Azazel and sent to battle Clayface. In the Meantime Anarchy and (honestly a character that they do not name, but I imagine has a Name) argue about the ethics of their interference so far, Anarchy does not take lightly the impertinence and the hypocrisy of the other and they fight. (a sort of B-plot item that is not too explored in this issue).

Time is running out for Clayface as the team develops a serum to revert Boris to his most human-like state. The Serum will need to be administered by Cassandra (Orphen) directly to his Brain or cerebral cortex, and she is the one most likely to get that close.


In a surprise moment, Boris does indeed revert back to his human form, and we see a touching moment as he and Cassandra lament their relationship and how close they have become. Unfortunately, all does not go as planned. Check out the final pages to reveal the twist!

Rating:  8 / 10

Final Thought: 

Having just jumped in on this story, I feel like I am at an unfair advantage. I get to start with the fruition of all the action, with little work to do so, and as a result, I may like the story better than most. The characters all interacted very well, and there were some deep moments when they have regrets and express their feelings as a group or to each other. I enjoyed this book a lot. It has the Epic sense of  Pacific Rim or Jurassic World, but the true sentiment of Batman or the team doing Detective work to solve a problem. It’s nice to see Batman actually letting others be a part of the solution as well. What a twist as well, I did not want to spoil it, but check out the last page of the book, it will shock you! A solid ending to a 5 part story, and worth checking out at the comic shop.

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