PREVIEW: Image Comics Get’s Naked!

A collection of Essays put to pictures all regarding the various feelings of their Author’s relationships to Getting Naked. A comedic look at the “Bare Truths” to nudity in our culture.


Get Naked
(a 284 Page collection)
Writer:  Steven T Seagle & Colleagues
Artist:  Various
Colorist:  Mads Ellegard Skovebakke, Emie Olivia Burell
Cover Artist:  Mads Ellegard Skovebakke, Emie Olivia Burell
Publisher:  Image Comics

What You Need to Know:
Get Naked is certainly more of a long collection of Essays and more of a statement about Vulnerability, Anxiety and the other general Hang ups people have than actually Getting Naked itself. It is also a Comedic look in the mirror of the reader.This is definitely an educated reader and will appeal to the less mainstream fans of the Comic world. This was compared to a Davis Sedaris novel in the brand of humor.

This comes across as a collection of vignettes all revolving around a centralized theme (Getting Naked) and the cultural aspects and differences to the Author’s relationship to Nudity and their experiences. As to if these are fictional or allegorical, I cannot say, but the book reminded me of a mixture of Mad magazine and old issues of Heavy Metal. It is worth checking out if you are looking for a Humorous look at the differences of cultural nudity. Never tasteless, I feel this book handles the subject with both humor at times, and tact.The artwork is varied, but the transitions are beautifully painted and break up the stories into different Regions of the world. Often silly, but never Smutty.

Available 02/13/2018 in Paperback.

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