INDIE SPOTLIGHT: Songs for the Dead #1

Bethany is a minstrel yearning for adventure, now determined to find a missing boy from the local town, and she’s also a necromancer. After being captured by Lord Rolland she will discover an unlikely friend all-too-capable of enabling her necromancy!


Author: Andrea Fort / Michael Christopher Heron
Artist: Sam Beck
Letterer: Deron Bennett
Publisher: Vault Comics

What You Need To Know:
Searching for work in the local town of Llyne, Bethany the necromancer uncovers a reward posted for a missing boy. He is believed to be taken by the bandits that now plague the Newlyn forest.

Wondering into the forest to find the missing boy, Bethany discovers more than she could imagine. She is soon captured by the villainous Lord Rolland where she encounters a friend that could assist her necromancy powers more than she might want…

Spotlight Review:
Songs for the Dead is a fantasy store of adventure, necromancy, and companionship. Drawing on influences from RPG games like the Dragon Age franchise, the series from Vault Comics tells a story about how not all stereotypes are accurate. A good-natured necromancer presents a unique dichotomy within the story as Bethany explores her attempts to become a hero.

Her companion only continues to add layers to the narrative as the hero is suddenly exposed to a world-view that vastly differs from her own. Not only this, but her abilities seem to greatly contribute to Bethany’s necromancy capabilities, allowing her to be more powerful than before. This creates intriguing possibilities for the story going forward.


The artwork is vibrant and detailed but made especially beautiful by the use of a color palette reminiscent of some of the most famous fantasy RPG games in history. The artistic direction expertly allows the comic to explore its influences while continuing to maintain an original reading experience that is sure to entertain.

Songs for the Dead #1 from Vault Comics released on January 31st, 2018 with issue #2 set to release February 28th, 2018. So catch up today!

Songs for the Dead is the story of an optimistic young woman named Bethany who happens to be a necromancer. But Bethany believes that her power can be used for good, and she sets out to prove that necromancers aren’t all as evil as the stereotypes by trying to become a hero. – Andrea Fort

“The genesis of the idea is really just that: I had the idea for an unassuming necromancer some years ago, before Andrea and I had met. I play a lot of RPGs, and anything with a character creation system really lets my imagination run wild. I landed on this juxtaposition of this scary and forbidden magic in the hands of a bright-eyed and optimistic young girl. The idea persisted and soon I was making notes about it here and there while working on other projects.” – Michael Christopher Heron


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