BREAKING NEWS: Sony’s Venom Teaser Trailer is here…and it’s Brutal!

The highly anticipated Sony’s Venom teaser trailer is out, and if fans were unsure, the trailer is reassuring, it guarantees that the nation is ready to be Venomized!  See Tom Hardy’s Venom and some other friendly neighborhood symbiotes below!


Sony is now in the Venom business, and the first teaser trailer has been released!

You can view the brand new trailer in the clip above.


Not much is know about Venom’s plot, but reports indicate it could take on the popular Lethal Protector storyline from the comics. That narrative pits Venom against the Life Foundation, a group that pushes the Venom symbiote to spawn several more variations.

Once bonded with the symbiotes they become Agony, Phage, Scream, Riot, and Lasher, and it takes Venom to clean up the mess!


 Venom‘s cast includes the aforementioned Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate, and Riz Ahmed, though the characters they are playing are mostly still unknown to some, but according to sources close to the production, Michelle Willaims plays Hardy’s character, Eddie Brock’s x-wife, and possible She-Venom, also its rumored that Riz Ahmed will take on the role of Carnage but this isn’t confirmed yet!


If the first footage is anything to base assumptions on, fans are in for a wild and brutal ride and our favorite anti-hero, Venom wouldn’t have it any other way.


ComicWatch will keep you updated as more news becomes available!

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