REVIEW: Daredevil #598 (And Keep Your Enemies Closer!)

The city is under attack by a vandal artist: The Muse. Matt Murdock survives the droning Steven the Intern, and investigates  Project Sarnos. Daredevil changes his Costume to hide in the shadows.


Cover of Daredevil #598


Variant Cover Daredevil #598

Authors: Charles Soule
Artists: Ron Garney
Inkers: Not Listed
Colors: Matt Milla
Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What You Need to Know:
The Muse has escaped from the Prison on New Attilan. He has begun to decorate the city with images of the local Superhero community that The new Mayor is fighting against. In a flagrant act of defiance, he has painted Daredevil on the side of the Manhattan Municipal Building. They believe that he has powers because the paint cannot be removed easily from the buildings.

Daredevil is not a Crook!

What You’ll Find Out:

Matt sets Wesley up with an ultrasonic bug, so he can follow him, and learn about Sarnos.

While Matt is subjected to the drone of the painfully Boring Steven, who has volunteered to read him endless binders of policy, Matt tunes out Steven’s Voice to listen in on a conversation between Wilson Fisk and Wesley. He is interested in the Kingpin’s thoughts on the Muse, and particularly on the Project called Sarnos. Matt bumps into Wesley and places a Hypersonic beacon in his pocket, so only he can hear him as he tracks Wesley through the city.

Matt attempts to Speak with Mayor Fisk about the Muse. He tells him how dangerous that he is, and asks for him to appeal to the Superhero community.

Fisk replies “People die every day” and threatens to bring him up on Corruption and Aiding Criminal Charges if he ever brings this up again.

Steve the Intern.PNG
Steven The Intern, a man so Diabolically Boring!

What Just Happened?

Daredevil Sports his new Black Costume.

Fresh from his encounter with the Mayor, Daredevil appears in a new less conspicuous costume. The Black makes it harder for him to be seen.

Wesley approaches several disreputable characters for cabinet positions in Fisk’s Administration.

Wesley is traveling the city with a list of appointed positions and approaching the disreputable, the grotesque and the Criminally minded. Specifically, Hammerhead, Black Cat, The Owl, and Diamond Back. Daredevil is tailing Wesley to see just what he has in store for the city.

Meanwhile, two young women stumble upon the Muse who is completing his latest Masterpiece. This one of Frank Castle, the Punisher. They ask him if he would take a picture with them, but when he agrees, they notice the results were strange. He starts to get very agitated with them calling them Beautiful, and backs them against the Brick wall. Just then the Police arrive to arrest him. We get a vision of how dangerous the Muse is as he strewn the mangled policemen in a bloody tableau to accompany his artwork.

Kingpin has some musings of his own, and he plots to exploit the situation as he inspects the mayhem laid out before him.

Kingpin reviews Muse’s Artwork.

Rating: 8/10

Final Thoughts:  I want to take a minute and talk about the artwork. Ron Garney is evocative of the Frank Miller and Claus Jansen style of the mid 80’s that made them each so famous on that run. This style of art is at times rudimentary with a rawness to it that leaves things both beautiful yet ugly at the same time. A direct contrast to the beautifully rendered covers of this series. The art is very suited to the Daredevil Crime-fighting parts of the book, but perhaps is a bit muddied in the Bureaucratic Political/Legal drama that unfolds inside city hall walls. That said, I do enjoy the artwork, and specifically what it may add to the narrative; however I have gotten to a point where I prefer a more clean line look, which we saw with The Muse’s Spiderman Painting vs the Daredevil one. Art will play heavily into this story. The tale that Charles Soule is weaving is compelling, and an absolute win for Marvel Storytelling.

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