REVIEW: Justice League of America #23 (Frost Frozen by Fear!)

The Might beyond the Mirror, appears to conquer the Justice League of America. She feeds on their fears and desires. Can Frost stop the Queen and Avenge Vixen?



Writer: Steve Orlando
Artists: Neil Edwards
Cover Artist: Terry and Rachel Dodson
Colorist: Hi-Fi
Inker: Daniel Henriques &Andy Owens

Letters: Clayton Cowles
Variant Cover: Doug Mahnke & Wil Quintana
Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know:
While Batman is gone fighting his evil incarnations in Metal, he has left the Justice League of America in charge of facing the Might Beyond the Mirror. Tsarita, the queen of Myth has taken control!

The Woodsmen are created by Queen Tsarita as her personal henchmen.

Frost has called the Queen of Wishes to Earth by wishing away her hunger for the heat of living things. She has been effectively cured. The Queen Tsarita, also thinks that Frost is a reminder of her sister Freya that passed away ages ago.

The League was chosen by Batman, for its mostly incorruptible nature, hence the seemingly strange team make up, but they were selected to combat the Queen, should she rear her head in this realm.

Killer Frost, had a Nightmarish vision of a future where she had taken the heat from everything living in the world. In an effort to prevent that outcome she makes a wish to save the world, and releases the Magical Mistress of Myth Queen Tsarita (Issue #22)

What You’ll Find Out:
A giant machine or antennae is what the Woodsmen have been building. It is nearing completion. This will collect the energy that empowers the queen.


Meanwhile, the Ray is facing off with some bad guys that have made some serious upgrades. The Three Devil gang have transformed themselves into actual Demons. They are sure that Ray will not be around Vanity forever, that he will leave only Aztek, and they will prosper. Ray is not convinced that he can completely abandon the league himself.

Vixen Totem
Vixen’s Totem Pulsates with Energy


What Just Happened:
With the animal spirit of the Planaria Vixen is able to regenerate from the pieces left behind after the explosion. The crowd looks on in confusion, but that gives way to hope as Mari returns from the Grave.


Frost is trying to reason with Tsarita, yet she is paralyzed by the Frozen Apocalypse that she envisioned. Her following the Queen seems the only logical answer to save the world from her terrible curse. Lobo curses her for being a Traitor, and she cries, over the loss of her friend Mari. (Vixen has not yet arrived to help her teammates, and they still think she is dead.

The Ray to the Rescue!

The team rallies to Defeat The Queen of Myths, and Ray was the one to turn the tide in their favor. They battle the Woodsmen. In a surprise to even the Queen Tsarita herself, a figure emerges from a portal before her. The Person may just surprise you! Tune in next month to find out or pick up this issue to see the last panel!

Rating: 7/10

Final Thought: This issue is a better story that we have been privy to lately. The Cover artwork is an absolute delight! Terry Dodson is amazing! The biggest thing that takes me out of the story here is the confusing relationship with Queen Tsarita and Caitlin Snow, and her end plan is very suspect. That said, while I didn’t completely understand the story, I have enjoyed it. I am glad to see the art has returned to a more consistent style and I love the work of Neil Edwards. The shocking ending was a pleasant surprise, and will definitely be an interesting twist, as we have not seen this character in some time!

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