PREVIEW: Red Sonja Vol. 4 #13, “Hell or Hyrkania”

Red Sonja is in Hell, and the hordes of the dead seem endless. Can Sonja and Wallace escape, or will this be the She-Devil’s last adventure?





RED SONJA Vol. 4 #13
Story by Amy Chu & Eric Burnham
Script by Eric Burnham
Pencils by Carlos Gomez

Colors by Mohan
Cover Artists (Various, 5 Variant Covers)

Lettering by Simon Bowland
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

What You Need to Know:  

“Red Sonja and her time traveling companion Professor Wallace take a wrong turn on their way back to the Hyborian Age, and now they find themselves in…Hell. Can the She-Devil fight her way back out? Or is this where they finally belong?” – Dynamite Entertainment

What You’ll Find Out:
The issue begins with Sonja and Wallace looking out over the walls of the priests’ temple and seeing they are surrounded by the undead. One by one, the horde replenishes itself as quickly as they are cut down.  The priests there plead for Sonja to save them, but she knows they are vastly outnumbered with no hope of survival.


It looks like there is no way out for the red-haired Hyrkanian unless she can come up with a solution fast. Will she and her companion make it out of this one alive? And is there more to these desert priests than meets the eye?


What Just Happened:
Sonja is deeply in character here, and in different parts of the comic, I actually felt like writers Amy Chu and Eric Burnham were channeling the old Red Sonja from Marvel that I knew and loved.

The art by Carlos Gomez in this issue was quite good. He does draw curves well on the red-haired Hyrkanian, but in the combat poses, it seemed that Sonja’s physicality wasn’t the focus of the comic.

Admittedly, I have jumped into this Red Sonja series with little background, but am slowly catching up. It’s difficult to reconcile changes to a character when you’ve been a fan since the 1970s, but this version of Red Sonja is becoming enjoyable and I’m looking forward to future issues.

Rating: 7/10

Final Thoughts:
Dynamite’s Red Sonja is a character we all know and love, but the adaptation is something that takes (just a little) getting used to.  I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I am enjoying it. It’s an updated version of a well-loved character with nods to the old but a bold new vibe in storytelling.

There are a total of five variant covers for this issue: (A) by Ben Caldwell, (B) by Brent Schoonover, (C) by Moritat, (D) is a Cosplay cover and (E, the subscription cover) is by Fernando Ruiz.

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