REVIEW: All-New Wolverine vol. 1 # 30 (They’re the Best There is at What They Do)

All-New Wolverine and Honey Badger are now at the enemy’s territory to save their family! This is the final showdown between the Orphans of X and All-New Wolverine!


Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Juann Cabal
Color Artists: Nolan Woodard
Cover Artist: Dan Mora & Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Publisher: Marvel Comics

After killing Old Man Logan, Lady Deathstrike, and Sabretooth, the Orphans of X went after All-New Wolverine, Daken, Honey Badger and the Kinneys at Japan. Murumasa was able to complete the ritual that he required in order to create the armor that Wolverine needed to protect herself from the Murumasa bullets. During the day that Murumasa was able to finish the armor and shown it to Laura, they were under attack by the Hand. Wolverine, Daken, and Honey Badger fought without restrictions. Unfortunately, Honey Badger got shot by one of the Murumasa Bullets. Wolverine instructed Daken to retreat with Honey Badger.  As soon as Daken and Honey Badger went inside, they were confronted by Amber and other Orphans of X members. Amber tried to shoot at Daken but Wolverine, now wearing the armor created by Murumasa managed to block the bullet. Amber revealed to Wolverine that it was already too late for them and that the Orphans of X were able to kill old man Logan, Sabretooth, and Lady Deathstike. Furious, Wolverine unleashed an attack that threw off the Orphans of X outside. Murumasa then apologized to Daken, Honey Badger and the Kinneys for the unpleasantness and already made a call to someone who would handle their intruders. Daken had a plan and borrowed Megan Kinneys’ phone and sliced himself up. He then told Megan his plan and instructed her to pass the message to Wolverine. Daken then joined Wolverine outside, fighting off the Hand and the Orphans of X. He told Wolverine that his intention was to get captured and to speak to Megan after.

One member of the Orphans of X who was leading the Hand’s Ninjas informed Amber to retreat and leave him behind because the person who Muramasa called had already arrived. He told her that once she killed Daken, to make sure to mention his and his daughter’s names. The person who arrived was Gorgon, who approached the Orphans of X member and sliced his head off. Gorgon then approached Murumasa and apologized for the mess and that he was not aware that one of their lieutenants would use the Hand for his own caus. He then asked Murumasa how he could atone for this. Murumasa told him he would get a part of Gorgon’s soul to make something that would remind them of this incident and also transport Wolverine and her family anywhere she wanted to be dropped off too under the protection of the Hand.

Forty-eight hours later, Wolverine and Honey Badger infiltrated one of the Orphans of X headquarters which was a warehouse in Brooklyn. The two were stealthy enough to only knock out the guards that were guarding the corpse of Old man Logan, Sabretooth, Daken and Lady Deathstrike. Wolverine then prepared herself to perform surgery to take out the Murumasa bullet on each of the corpses.

What You’ll Find Out:
Old Man Logan woke up and saw All-New Wolverine and Honey Badger welcoming him back, alive again. He sat up and saw Daken, Sabretooth and Lady Deathstrike who were also recently revived by Wolverine. Daken spoke with Honey Badger about how his plan had worked, despite Honey Badger thinking it was a stupid plan.27947073_10157051598434428_1611630491_oSabretooth then asked Wolverine where they were. Wolverine told the group that they are inside the headquarters of the Orphans of X. Lady Deathstrike then responded that it made it easier for them to hunt the Orphans of X. Wolverine then told them that they were not killing anyone tonight.  She explained that the Orphans of X killed them because they took the lives of the organization’s loved ones. She further explained that if they harm them, they just confirmed what they thought about them, and would just create more hatred. They then went up, smelled a few Orphans of X members above them and Wolverine told the group that she would like to get as much information they could get from those members.

They then smashed the wooden pillars that provided support for the upper floor. Members of the Orphans of X crashed down on the group. Wolverine, Honey Badger, Daken, Old Man Logan, Sabretooth and Lady Deathstrike then beat the members of the Orphans of X leaving one conscious for Wolverine to interrogate.


Wolverine confirmed that the Orphans of X were not a group of zealots but started as a support group for families who lost their loved ones which were killed by our heroes. Wolverine then asked how did this all change. The conscious Orphan of X then told her that it started back when Wolverine saved Roosevelt Island, the Orphans of X had to watch their nightmares hailed as heroes. He further said that it was that moment when Henry Sutter thought it was already the final straw. Wolverine then remembered that name, Henry Sutter was the son of Martin Sutter, the person who bred her to kill. She explained to the group that she eventually killed Martin and his wife. She added that she was supposed to kill young Henry but ended up letting him go. She then prepared herself to face the whole members of the Orphans of X by wearing the armor created by Murumasa. She told both Sabretooth and Lady Deathstrike that they could now leave quietly, explaining it would easier for her to handle the situation without them in the way.  She requested that Old Man Logan, Honey Badger, and Daken stay hidden and not act even if she got shot. Old Man Logan asked if she was going to face them alone. Wolverine then replied that she was not facing them alone since she will be surrounded by the souls of her family.

Wolverine then faced the Orphans of X alone, all of the members shot at her all at once without any hesitation. The Orphans then stopped and Wolverine told Amber she knew who they were and her father, the presidential candidate she was assigned to kill. Wolverine then started stripping off the armor asking forgiveness for what she had done to Amber and the rest of the Orphans of X. Now without any protection, Laura explained to them that she too was a victim like them. She then said that it used to cripple her but now she refused to own it and she wouldn’t apologize for being enslaved and powerless and that she wouldn’t apologize for the people who took power from her. She further told them that she was like them, also a victim of the same people who made her kill the ones that the Orphans of X had lost. She then called out Henry Sutter to confirm what she said and revealed to them that his father was the one who bred and forced her to kill Amber’s father.27990602_10157051612324428_490619474_o

Henry removed his mask and told Amber not to listen to Laura. Henry then shot a gun at Laura out of anger that she was getting the moral high ground in this situation. Laura kept moving forward trying to tell Henry that she understood him. Amber was shocked in all of this revelations. Laura who was bleeding and was shot again told Henry she knew that Henry was scared since she saw him scared before. She then told him that he was the reason why she stopped and was the one that got through to her when they were younger. Henry shot her one more time shouting that Laura should show the rest of the Orphans of X what an animal she was. But Laura replied back saying that this was the real version of her, because if she was what they thought they were, then everyone in the room would have been already dead. During this time Old Man Logan, Daken, and Honey Badger revealed themselves, wearing an Orphan of X mask hiding among the rest of the members. Henry Sutter dropped his gun as fast as he bent down defeated. Laura then asked the whole Orphans of X if they wanted to punish her for the actions of a group of vile people if they all wanted justice. She then offered that she could serve them justice and that she wanted to join them. She further informed everyone that she will track everyone responsible for her services and the Weapon X program. She will find them, she will not kill them but will make sure they get the punishment they deserve. Amber was skeptical, asking why they should believe her when they tried killing their kind. Laura answered that if the Orphans of X could forgive them for what they used to be part of, then they could easily forgive them too. Laura then finished her offer by telling everyone that she is like them, a victim, and lost her loved ones by the same group of vile people. Laura announced that she was also an Orphan of X while wearing the symbolic X mask.


Later, Amber came out after the whole Orphans of X deliberated to make a decision. She told Daken that they agreed to accept Wolverine’s offer and that Henry Sutter would have to come around after the decision. Daken then asked if they had the body of Sarah Kinney since they had cloned her. Amber confirmed they had Sarah Kinney’s body and asked why Daken needed it. He then answered that he just saw his sister watch her mother die the second time and for those times her mother just went missing. He concluded by telling Amber that Laura deserved more.

We then see Laura having a proper burial for her mother, surrounded by the people she loved:  Beast, time-displaced Angel, Jubilee, Major Carol Danvers, Deborah Kinney, Megan Kinney, Gabrielle Kinney, Jonathan the wolverine, Daken, Gambit, Old Man Logan, and Hellion.


What Just Happened:

This arc surpassed my expectation and I love how Taylor ended the arc beautifully. Frist, not only did it have enough action and fight scenes to keep the readers excited. Taylor had managed to write a beautiful moment for All-New Wolverine/Laura when she faced the whole Orphans of X. I loved the way she was handled perfectly and how you’d really know that Laura had matured to who she is now from her X-23 days. The speech she had given to the Orphans of X was very powerful in my opinion and I like that despite she would work for the Orphans of X, she still mentioned that she will not kill the men that hired her or Weapon X to kill the Orphans loved ones; but informed them that she will punish these men and serve the Orphans of X justice. I also enjoyed that Taylor still managed to keep the story fun and witty especially when Honey Badger is being focused. The way she kept the story balanced by adding light-hearted moments and funny comments never tire me at all.

Juann Cabal, who I now considered a superstar artist, is still amazing with the interiors he had provided for this book. Let me just point out the way he drew Laura’s body reflecting a real female athlete’s body. Why I loved that is because it made Laura look like a real super-hero and this is how you would expect a female superhero would look like in real life. It’s not overly sexualized and added a sense of realism to the anatomy of a super-hero. I’m not saying that other artist anatomy should be like Cabal’s, I just think that it’s refreshing to see someone’s style match the comic books he is providing art for, that his style adds the quality of the story of the whole book. The best thing that I really enjoyed with Cabal’s art though is how the panels flow like I am watching a movie or a TV series like it was moving along with my eyes while I read. I will definitely miss interiors knowing that the artist for All-New Wolverine changes from arc to arc.

Lastly, I would like to also mention the amazing colors provided by Nolan Woodard. Trust me, his coloring is a match made in heaven with Cabal’s art and I love how he was able to match the mood and ambiance of a certain setting and theme of the story.

BONUS, So during the burial of Sarah Kinney, I wasn’t sure who most of the attendees were so I had to ask Tom Taylor, himself to confirm some of them. Here’s a screenshot of the response he gave me on twitter!


  • Another great character development and moment for All-New Wolverine/Laura
  • Juann Cabals art is still gorgeous and consistent
  • Wolverine and Honey Badger teaming up again with Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Daken, Lady Death Strike


  • Orphans of X is still an overpowered organization which started as a support group (I find it hilarious how all these normal people can almost wipe-out Weapon X related mutants)

Rating: 9.5/10

Final Thought:

The final arc of the Orphan of X is an awesome book and a must-read for the fans. Not only do you get fast paced action and great dialogue, but it has an awesome moment and character development for the main character, Laura. Tom Taylor, Juann Cabal, and Nolan Woodard consistently delivered a great arc. I highly recommend this series and definitely shower this Legacy story with praise!

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