REVIEW: Nightwing #38 (The Untouchable pt 4: Infiltration)

The Judge is loose in Bludhaven, and starting to gain control, as he expands his followers and closes down the casinos, attempting to eradicate what he considers sin in the world, with nothing but a gold poker chip, he turns people into assassins, and offers them the world!



Title: Nightwing #38 (The Untouchable pt 4: Infiltration)
Writer: Sam Humphries
Art: Bernard Chang
Colors: Marcelo Maiolo
Letters: Carlos m Mangual
Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know:

A figure from Nightwing’s boy wonder past has resurfaced, cutting a bloody path of destruction through the streets of Bludhaven, the Judge is back! The villain has been using some sort of mind control involving gold poker chips to talk other people into improbable acts, turning everyday citizens into mindless spree killers! Obviously, Nightwing has got to put a stop to it, but how? How can he strike at an enemy that can strike anywhere, through anyone?

What You’ll Find Out:

We open on our charismatic antagonist talking with the leaders of the Limousine League of Assassins. The League is complaining that with no casinos to rob, their revenue is drying up. The Judge has an easy solution, he knows what they want, they want to join him in his crusade, he’s paying with golden poker chips.

I adore the phrase “skinny hipster idiot” this guy is alright!

We do a quick cut to Detective Svboda, saying goodbye to her daughter, a voice over from the Judge tells her what she wants, she never wants her daughter to be a cop. The best way to accomplish that is to kill Nightwing!


Next, we find Nightwing talking to Guppy, who is dejectedly holding a gold poker chip. Nightwing tells him he doesn’t have to be the Judge’s pawn, he’s his own person. Guppy tells him it’s too late, he already did what the Judge asked. His dad, King Sturgeon, is dead by his son’s hand, stabbed to death in his bed!


The end of this issue is crazy and there’s a big reveal! Find out for yourself, pick up a copy of Nightwing #38 today!

What Just Happened?


Wow! Like I said the end of this issue was nuts, and the art is just insanely good from Bernard Chang, which is very capably colored by Marcelo Maiolo! I love the feel they have going together, almost feels like an 80s movie, which is brilliant for an arc that plays heavily into Nightwing’s past.

The end of this issue was friggin nuts, I didn’t even hint at it because it had some serious WTF factor. You gotta read it amazingly fun arc from Sam Humphries. I’m loving the heck out of this creative team and really hope this arc signifies the quality of future Nightwing issues. Top notch book!

The Judge’s plan has almost come to fruition and the endgame is starting to come forward, can’t wait to find out what happens next! I have a feeling Lucy is going to come into play in some way.

Rating: 8/10

Final Thought:

An awesome issue within a great arc, tons of fun and really beautiful to look at. Couldn’t recommend this series more! The Judge might be one of the better new villains in recent memory, hope he sticks around!



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