Gear up for the Soldier of Fortune’s most colossal arc yet – with these Cable: Greatest Hits variants celebrating Cable’s past and future glory! From his original appearance by Rob Liefeld, to his time in the Age of Apocalypse, to his role as guardian of the “Mutant Messiah”, journey through the time-tossed mutant’s history with these covers by top creators Ryan Stegman, Mike Spicer, Ariel Olivetti, Chris Burnham and more to be announced!


 Cable’s Variant Covers will be appearing on the following titles!

CABLE #155 by RYAN STEGMAN AND MIKE SPICER on-sale March 21st!

CABLE2017155_Stegman (1)

 CABLE #156 by ARIEL OLIVETTI on-sale April 18th!

CABLE2017156_Olivetti Var (2)

CABLE #157 by CHRIS BURNHAM on-sale May 16th!

CABLE2017157_Burnham (4)

Marvel is keeping two of these covers under wraps, CABLE #158 and CABLE #159, are TO BE REVEALED at a later date!  CABLE #155 will be a new beginning for Cable, with the exit of talented veteran writer, Ed Brisson, who when asked ‘Why he was leaving CABLE?’ after what many (Myself Included) considered an incredible story arc, referring to the ‘New Mutants’ story arc which saw the return of old favorites, such as Gideon, LongShot & ShatterStar, and hoped it may have been leading the character in a new direction.  Brisson said he had other projects that he had committed himself too, one being, The Ballad of Sang, which Brisson said was a pleasure to write and one title that fans do not want to miss, but Brisson also added that “while he was leaving CABLE, he was still going to be working with Cable on future ‘projects’. “

While losing Ed Brisson is a significant loss, CABLE gets a new creative team, with a great mix, two amazing writers, Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler, and artist German Peralta, will be taking over CABLE with #155, kicking off a new arc titled ‘Past Fears’, which Thompson and Nadler, when asked what could be expected from their new collaboration debuting in CABLE #155, and forward, Thompson and Nadler said fans could expect to see the “return of the techno-organic monster [referring to Cables’ legacy, the virus he has carried from birth] that you don’t want to miss, [adding]
expect a lot of deep cuts into Cables’ history and a terrifying new villain that is an embodiment of fear.” 
This new villain is said to be infected with the techno-organic virus, and a threat like none Cable has ever faced! Thompson added we could expect ‘plenty of body horror and great guest stars! Speaking of guest stars, CABLE #155 will reunite Cable with the young  Hope Summers and we can also expect to see the return of the X-man, Nate Grey!

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