BREAKING NEWS: MULTIPLE MAN Returns in his own Series this JULY!

As it turns out, the rumors that have been making the round in the Comic Industry news circuit are true, Marvel Comics will launch a new Multiple Man miniseries starring Jamie Madrox! Writer Matthew Rosenberg (4 Kids Walk into a BankNew Mutants: Dead SoulsPhoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey) and artist Andy MacDonald (Justice League of America, The New 52: Futures End), featuring covers by Marcos Martin, will be the juggernaut creative team behind our favorite X-Factor head man, Jamie Madrox, and will be bringing fans the Multiple Man series in July!


Many fans are asking how this is possible if Madrox died at the beginning of the Death of X event in 2016. Many speculated this was due to the announcement that a Multiple Man movie is on its way, Rosenberg addressed some of these most common questions in one brief tweet, that is very much his fashion, stating that “This book was in development well before the movie rumor happened”, adding “Why not revive X-Factor? because their team leader is dead…We aren’t retconning his death, it’s complicated.” Following with, “We’ll get canceled at 12 issues? It’s a 5 issue mini-series so….way ahead of you.”


When asked about the kinds of threats Madrox would be facing in the new series, Rosenberg pointed towards the unfortunate end Madrox has seemingly escaped. “Death,” Rosenberg says. “Death is one of the big threats for sure. But also there is a mysterious new team you meet in issue #1 who are coming for him. They are willing to go toe to toe with the X-Men to get to him, so you know they’re pretty serious. Who they are and why they exist is pretty crazy, but it is all part of a bigger plan for global domination. While Jamie is mostly concerned with not dying at first, he gets caught up in all this stuff and, ya know, has to try and fix it. Or not. It’s complicated.”



Rosenberg plans to keep the Madrox tradition alive, allowing the character who has to play in different genres, “be it noir, comedy, or something between…What I love about him is that, as a character, he lends himself to a lot of different stuff,” Rosenberg explains. “Peter David’s X-Factor was a big influence for me because it shifts so well from comedy to detective story to body horror to superhero and back again. That’s something we’re all trying to accomplish here, those shifts that keep you guessing. There are a lot of comedy elements. This is definitely the most absurd thing I’ve ever written. But the book is also about people who dedicate their whole lives to fighting evil, people confronting the darkness within themselves, the troubles with time travel, the morality of clones, the end of the world, and how cool Hulks are.”

With Matthew Rosenberg’s  uber-successful run of Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey, delivering a well-written knockout series, this X-fan is excited to know fans can expect the same from the upcoming New Mutants: Dead Souls, plus it is now confirmed fans don’t have long to wait before Multiple Man arrives.  It leaves me with one question, Mr. Rosenberg, what’s next?

Multiple Man #1, the first of five issues, goes on sale in July.


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