FIRST WATCH: Black Comix Returns

Lion Forge strives to produce “Comics for Everyone,” representing and reflecting every kind of reader, regardless of age, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or gender identification.  Black Comix Returns HC features over 40 of the best writers and illustrators in the industry!  This massive volume will be a brand new milestone spotlight on how amazingly diverse the comic world is today. 


REVIEW: TMNT #78 (My Dad Punched a Dinosaur!)

The Triceratons have attacked New York with a Scouting Party. They Battled the combined forces of Bishop and the Foot Clan.Not ones to retreat, they regrouped into the sewers, where they met the Turtles. They explained that they are an advanced landing party for a full scale invasion.

Splinter rescues Bishop and offers him an alliance with the Foot Clan. Bishop is reluctant, yet seems to accept this as the best course of action, at least for now.