REVIEW: Action Comics #998 (Booster Shot Conclusion)

Superman and Booster Gold are trapped in the timestream, and if that wasn’t bad enough, they’re on Zod’s planet of Jekuul 50 years in the future, and up for execution!

ACTION COMICS #998 (Booster Shot: Conclusion)
Writer: Dan Jurgens
Art: Will Conrad
Color: Ivan Nunes
Letters: Rob Leigh
Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know:
Superman and Booster Gold traveled back in time to see the true fate of Krypton, in doing so they inadvertently altered the time stream and ended up in the future on a planter controlled by none other than the Kryptonian despot General Zod! Now the duo is being executed by the General and his family, Skeets is down and the time sphere is irreparably damaged!

What You Need to Know:
We open where we left off, with the evil Kryptonians trying to roast the time travelers, and Booster Gold holding off their heat vision with his force field. (it took a few hits from Doomsday at one point, it should hold for a couple more minutes) Suddenly with a *brreee-deeet* the Eradicator’s visor goes blue, Skeets is back, baby!


Skeets, controlling Eradicator, grabs Lor-Zod and turns him so his heat vision blasts the General, then throwing him into Ursa, breaking the concentration of the three. Skeets then runs to Booster and Superman, freeing them. The natives of Jekuul, 50 years into slavery, see the fight and start to think about rising up but are cowed by Lor-Zod, Superman quickly overpowers the young Kryptonian, as he did last issue, Lor-Zod isn’t used to fighting equal opponents.


Superman is attacked by the General next, who is more experienced, but hasn’t faced a worthy opponent in a while it seems. Superman starts to fall behind, but Skeets begins to turn the fight around! He has control of the Eradicators now!


You’ll have to experience the end of this issue yourself, pick up a copy of Action #998 today!

What Just Happened?
My goodness, this arc has been so great, and this was a crazy conclusion! I do miss Brett Booth on art, this arc has had 4 or 5 artists on it, which is strange. The art was still good it’s just really weird to switch artists so much on such a high profile character and arc. I will say it’s possible they tried switching artists for different eras, which makes sense to a point, as Brett Booth did the 30th century and first Jekuul issue, and Dan Jurgens himself did Krypton in the past (which was awesome) so it wasn’t super consistent.

That said, time travel shenanigans are super fun and it’s been great to have Booster back in the hands of his creator Dan Jurgens, I have a feeling Superman will be back on Jekuul soon in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, which is fighting Zod as we speak in the infancy of the conquest that was completed 50 years in the future in this issue. (time travel can be a bit confusing)

The ending of this issue was kind of the obvious conclusion, and kind of a cop-out, really. It just makes it so the end of the last issue (which was never going to stick anyway) was just for dramatic effect. Which seems a bit patronizing.

Man, only 2 issues until 1000, I don’t even know what to say, such an incredible milestone. I can’t wait, man, those covers are great! It’s gonna be hard to pick just one, although I’m leaning towards the Dan Jurgens cover myself…

Rating: 8/10

Final Thought:

Great finale to a great arc, knocked a couple points off for the aforementioned complaints, but definitely worth a read for a fan of Time’s Finest duo! It will definitely make for an interesting trade with all the different artists, I’m sure it’ll be fine.


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