REVIEW: The Mighty Thor #704 “A God To Believe In” (Death of the Mighty Thor)

The Odinson and the All-Father battle the Mangog. Jane recalls her past and makes a fateful final decision.

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Russell Dauterman
Colorist: Matthew Wilson
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What You Need to Know:
Jane Foster lies in a hospital dying from cancer that has gotten worse each time she transformed into the Mighty Thor. Dr. Strange has informed her that should she change one more time, she will most certainly die. Jane has decided to not transform into Thor, despite the Mangog’s path of destruction in Asgardia. The Odinson and All-Father have taken a final stand together against the Mangog in the hopes of finally stopping him. But it seems nothing can stop the Mangog.

What You’ll Find Out: Jane is remembering the time she lost her mother to cancer. How her mother wished she had done more to give Jane a God to believe in and help her understand difficult times. But Jane never did what her mother wanted in finding something to believe in. It never got easier for Jane when she lost her father. Another memory Jane thinks on as her father was the only family she had left till he passed. The gods found Jane though and she would even have a son, Jimmy. And yet, despite knowing Thor, Hercules Odin, Sif, and countless other gods. None were around to save her ex-husband or son in their car accident. Another memory which haunts Jane.

On Asgardia, as Jane contemplates her death and of those she’s lost, the Odinson and All-Father battle the Mangog. The battle seems hopeless as Mangog pummels both gods relentlessly. Loki appears to offer his mother Freyja a way to escape. The All-Mother only slaps Loki and tells him that after all his betrayals and lies, he is no longer to call her mother. The Mangog destroys the control panels for Asgardia and it is now on a direct course for the sun. When it comes to Jane’s attention that Asgardia is in trouble, she takes Mjolnir one last time and confronts the Mangog.

What Just Happened? As a reviewer, I can only say that I’m honestly not a good enough writer to articulate what happened and what it means. Here goes anyway…Aaron has hands down written the most brilliant issue that I’ve ever read. From a character standpoint to every angle of storytelling, Aaron has hit this way out of the park. Jane is a woman who has literally lost everything in her life. And just as she has earned every right to spend her remaining time however she wants. Jane does the unselfish and transforms into Thor, knowing the outcome. And the way Aaron tells this story is just perfect from first to last.

Dauterman and Wilson perform just as beautifully with their pencils and ink. Every panel is synced perfectly to the words. Nothing is left untouched as every emotion and expression and action lights up the page. Just look into the eyes of every character from Jane to Loki and the book comes alive flawlessly.

Rating: 10/10. Final Thoughts: Perfect! That’s what The Mighty Thor is, perfect! It’s not just an epic superhero story or an epic comic book story. It’s an Epic Tale! One that will go down as one of the best stories of all time. If you’re not reading The Death of the Mighty Thor, you’re missing out on history being made.

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