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Spotlight On: Upcoming Collectibles



The New York Toy Fair 2018 was held last month bringing previews of new statues, action figures, toys and other collectibles headed your way soon. Many are up for pre-order at various stores around the web. Here’s a sample of what’s coming.

Hasbro adds to their cosplay line, which has featured Iron Man and Star-Lord Helmets and an electronic Thor Mjolnir Hammer in the past, with a much anticipated electronic Infinity Gauntlet that you can wear and pretend you’re the mad Titan Thanos. The suggested price on this Hasbro line is $99 and I saw one at Toys R Us two days ago. On-line stores should be receiving them soon, so try not to go hunting on E-Bay where they are already getting huge markups like this one selling for $139 PLUS $54 for shipping from New York! For $54 shipping it better be hand delivered to my door by Stan Lee!

gauntlet ebaygauntlet guy

For the kids, there’s a $19.99 version now in stores (seen on E-Bay for $89!).

gauntlet kid

But if you really have to have the cream of the crop, Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are bringing you this life-size beauty featuring LED light up stones and metallic paint….all for just $930! After this one comes out or sells out you’ll easily be seeing it go for $2,000.00 or more.


Hasbro usually releases two of these cosplay collectibles a year so what is the other item? It’s a Black Panther helmet with electronic features and lights.


panther helm

Remember those cool $39 PVC statues I reported on last time? There’s a whole bunch more coming your way!


gallery 2018

gallery 2018 b

And there’s Mighty Mugggs


Action Figures…



Sauron Build-A-Figure, Cable statue, Ant-Man And The Wasp figures and even a Peter Porker The Amazing Spider-Ham Legends figure.

action 2





Kotobukiya ArtFX Animated X-Men and Iron Fist



Iron Studios 1/10th Scale Thor Ragnarok Statues






Iron Studios Black Panther 1/10th scale statues

iron studios panther

iron studios killmonger

iron studios okoye

iron studios o

So many wonderful things you’ll wish you had a bank account to cover it!


Some sad news….this week the store that all collectors have loved and gone to since they were kids appears to be closing its doors for all their stores for good. Unofficial reports have the date as very soon. Say it isn’t so!


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