REVIEW: Avengers #683 “She Was There! I Swear It” (Avengers No Surrender Part 9)

The last pyramoid has appeared over the very hospital Jarvis is fighting for his life in. The Beast and Wasp fight to save Jarvis and the lives of those in the hospital.

Writer: Jim Zub, Mark Waid, & Al Ewing
Artist: Paco Medina
Colorist: Jesus Aburtov
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What You Need to Know: The Gamemaster and Challenger have hijacked the earth and started a deadly game. With Gamemaster using the Lethal Legion as his “chess pieces” and the Challenger using the Black Order. Each team has attempted to collect points in the form of pyramoids in order to win the game. Unknowingly to the Avengers, they are game pieces too. Obstacles for the Legion and Black Order to overcome. The game is tied and with the Human Torch and Red Wolf sacrificing themselves to keep two pyramoids away from them. There is only one point left for the Legion and Black Order to claim. And it has appeared over the very hospital, that Jarvis, the longtime Avengers caretaker, is fighting for his life. Fortunately, in the midst of all this chaos, the lost founding Avenger, Voyager has returned.

What You’ll Find Out: Beast attempts to save the people in the hospital from all the ghosts that have manifested due to the pyramoids affects. Attempting to ready the new young Wasp, Nadia, to give Jarvis the injection he needs to save his life. Realizing the only way to save the people in the hospital is to get rid of the pyramoid. Beast decides to sacrifice himself by retrieving the pyramoid. Nadia beats Beast to the punch though. Shrinking Hank down to size so he can inject Jarvis with the antidote he needs. Unable to do anything about it, Beast continues on to save Jarvis. When Nadia attempts to grab the pyramoid, she is unable to and is rejected. Wasp can’t even shrink it or move it out of the area.

Believing the Wasp is going to die, Beast is inside Jarvis traveling to his brain. This is where Hank can see all of Jarvis’ memories of the Avengers from the very beginning. He doesn’t have time to notice one important detail when he is attacked by the parasite that is killing Jarvis. When Beast attempts to kill it with the cure, he loses the gun to inject the parasite with. The Wasp shows up in time to save Beast and kill the parasite. Also informing Hank that she’s unable to claim the pyramoid. Suddenly, Voyager shows up in time to help and Jarvis awakens. Jarvis informs Beast and Nadia that Voyager isn’t an Avenger. She never was and Beast realizes this when he recalls that he never saw Voyager in any of Jarvis’ memories. That is when Voyager disappears with the final pyramoid.

What Just Happened? Waid, Zub, and Ewing played us from the start. That’s what happened! And it’s awesome! Marvel has played this trick before with characters like the Sentry. We accepted and went with the story that brought in a new character that has been around but we just “forgot.” This time though, we were fooled into believing the same old trick and accepting right off the bat. We were so accepting, we never even saw it coming when it’s revealed, Voyager was never an Avenger in the first place. That is just talented writing and storytelling.

Rating: 10/10

Final Thoughts: Avengers No Surrender Part 9, the fun is just beginning. We now know Voyager was never an Avenger. But who is she? What’s her real purpose? This far into the story and we haven’t even scratched the surface. This is what superhero stories should read like. Just when you think you know it all, you realize you didn’t even know the questions. Amazing comic book storytelling!

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