REVIEW: The Demon: Hell is Earth #4

In Hell and marching dutifully on, Etrigan and Jason Blood are on the hunt for Belial, Etrigan’s father. With Madame Xanadu and Merlin in tow, they intend to stop Belial’s plan to conquer Earth, though the will have to literally go through Hell to do it.


Authors: Andrew Constant
Artists: Brad Walker
Inkers: Andrew Hennessy
Colors: Chris Sotomayor
Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know:
After surviving a nuclear explosion and an invasion from Hell itself, Jason Blood and the Demon Etrigan begrudgingly team up with Merlin and Madame Xanadu. After facing Etrigan’s uncle in battle, they learn that his father Belial intends to take over Earth and convert it into a new Hell.


What You’ll Find Out:

With Lucifer imprisoned and Belial in charge, Etrigan leads his unwilling partners through Hell itself. After battling a giant serpent, Etrigan feasts on its flesh, while Jason Blood takes a minute to himself. Xanadu interrupts his brooding and tries to engage him on an emotional level. In typical Jason Blood style, he is far too aloof and self-absorbed to get it. With the giant serpent dead, the smaller demons it kept at bay come to fight, and Etrigan does what he does best. While he fights, Madame Xanadu reminds Blood that ultimately he’s in control, and the Demon is a weapon that he can wield. Etrigan finishes off the minor demons, and they journey on to the tear in reality between Hell and Earth. Finally there, they see an army of demons gathered and ready to invade Earth.


What Just Happened?

While slow compared to the last few issues, I feel that this issue does a good job of grounding the characters and giving us some development between them. In the seminal Kirby run, the focus is Jason Blood, and in the later runs, Etrigan is the star. I feel this miniseries has explored the bond between them in a very interesting way that has never really happened before. This issue gives the rest a bit of emotional weight.


Rating: 7/10.

Final Thoughts: While slower than the last issue, this one delivers a lot of character development and shows a humanity in Jason Blood that we don’t often see. In a series this action-packed, it was nice to catch up with the characters themselves. A good issue, and a good addition to the Demon lore.

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