REVIEW: The Terrifics #2  (The Life and Times of The Terrifics!)

Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho, and Plastic Man have been sucked into the Dark Multiverse! There they have found a young woman stuck in a phantom state named Linnya, and together they are The Terrifics!


The Terrifics #2
Authors: Ivan Reis & Jeff Lemire
Artists: Ivan Reis & Jose Luis
Inkers: Vicente Cifuentes & Jordi Tarragona
Colors: Marcelo Maiolo
Letters: Tom Napolitano
Publisher: DC Comics

!!!Spoiler Warning!!!

What You Need to Know:
During the events of “Dark Knights: Metal,” Mr. Terrific assisted Batman in exploring the data he had found about the Dark Multiverse. Together they found out that Plastic Man had molecular relations with the Multiverse and when Plastic Man first came into contact with the Multiverses energy he became isolated in an egg shape where he stayed. In the later stages of “Metal,” Plastic Man reentered the Dark Multiverse and stabilized for just long enough to save some of the resistance fighting against the dark Batmen.

When the nightmare that shook the DCU finally came to an end, Mr. Terrific found out that Professor Simon Stagg had bought out his company, and was using some of the technology that he and Batman had found from the Dark Multiverse. Simon attempts to open a portal back into the Dark Multiverse and uses Metamorpho to stabilize it. Rex Mason A.K.A. Metamorpho is one of the many Metas rumored to be part of the Supermen theory. A conspiracy of Government experimentation in the USA with the metagene. The Supermen theory is a larger part of “Doomsday Clock” and the DCU later in the future. When Rex was in front of the Portal he turned into Nth metal and Mr. Terrific attempted to help him get free but instead he, Rex and Plastic Egg Man got sucked into the Dark Multiverse.

When re-entering the Dark Multiverse Plastic Man was released from his egg form and was in tip-top physical condition. Together, the three were attacked by giant spiders, just to soon find out they were a mirage of sorts sent by Linnya, a young woman trapped in the Dark Multiverse that can usually go intangible and tangible at will but is now stuck in her phantom form. Linnya showed them a giant antenna type object that she hasn’t been able to interact with after Mr. Terrific messes with it for a second the team is haunted by the dead when a message from Tom Strong comes up to let them know they are the only ones that can save the universe!

What You’ll Find Out:
Following right after the first issue, issue #2 opens with Linnya telling her story. A rift was about to catch their families ship and when her dad went to send her off Superman style, he accidentally sent her right into the dark rift as their ship went free ( Dad of the year right there). Linnya had been stuck alone ever since.


The team mostly gives their condolences, other than Mr. Terrific who doesn’t seem to have time for any games. They begin to remove the antenna to study the Tom Strong message. Taking the might of everyone on the team the antenna snaps off and sends a powerful and painful energy coursing through every person touching it.

RCO007 (1).jpg

The team gets situated and realizes there is trouble. Plastic Man gets a cool two-page splash along with the giant being they were traveling on top of as Plastic Man realizes the giant has woken up. This spells trouble for everyone as the giant sentient being starts attacking them. After a few amazing to look at pages of the team escaping the giant the team finds the portal that originally brought them to the Dark Multiverse and they escape by the skin of their teeth.


When they get back to Stagg industries the first thing to notice is that Plastic Man is no longer unstable. Yes, the thief turned superhero is finally able to walk and talk among the big hitters of the DC Universe again along with his new found team. Or maybe not. After everyone’s reunion, Linnya realizes she can become tangible again but as soon as she touches something it explodes. After destroying half the room they were in, Terrific convinces Linnya to stay in her phantom form until he can do something about it.


Then instead of attempting to help anyone Terrific attempts to leave and go study the antenna. After arguing that he doesn’t have time to be part of a group, he leaves in his pod ship.

RCO017 (1).jpg

After a certain distance, the pod turns right back around after the team feels the same painful energy they felt when ripping the antenna away. When Mr. Terrific crashes back down Rex asks what exactly has happened. Mr. Terrific explains as simply as he can that whatever the team interacted with in the Dark Multiverse has caused them to be stuck together permanently!

What Just Happened?  
Reis and Lemire knock out a second home run as issue two is just as fun and eventful as issue one. Linnya’s backstory was short and sweet, and the art in that section was absolutely stunning, almost as though it was drawn back in the seventies and then photocopied onto this new page. The Linear story is easy reading but still complex enough to keep you interested. All the new Dark Multiverse stuff that came out of “Metal” seems to be getting expanded on immediately making the DCU feel even larger.

All the characters are used well and seem to all be getting the highlight here and there making for no unmemorable characters. Even the minor characters in Stagg industries seem written to be more important than they are in retrospect. Rex and Linnya will easily be the cute couple of the series even if that’s not exactly how they get treated. All the characters different personalities make this a very fun team up that goes along with misfit groups such as Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy.

The art from Reis and the rest of this huge creative team have been impeccable The unique linework and colors in the Dark Multiverse give it a 3D type of effect that works exceptionally with the setting. The giant sentient being was horrifying and looked like it was coming back to life right in front of us, terrifying us just as much as the rest of the team. This small story is exactly what Reis needed for his short run and gave him the freedom to really tackle some brand new territory. This sets Doc Shaner up nicely for a couple outfit changes that I am so excited for.

Rating: 9.5/10

Final Thoughts: Jeff Lemire and Ivan Reis bring this team together permanently literally and metaphorically as it will be hard for me to ever think about any one of these characters without thinking of the rest thanks to the amazing character writing in this book so far. The art is unique and makes for anyone looking for some psychedelic comic art to be excited. All in all, I am very hopeful for the future of this title and its new creative team coming soon. I recommend this issue to anyone that’s a fan of Jeff Lemire’s writing style, Ivan Reis getting the freedom to create some amazing art, or anyone wanting to see the DCU expanded on gracefully.

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