REVIEW: Runaways vol. 5 #07 (With Great Powers comes School Life and Adulting!)

Molly is back in school!!  And as the saying goes: “No man (errr.. or teenaged girl) is an island” and because of that we get to meet Molly’s BFF (Best Friend Forever) Abigail. But from the looks of it, Abigail seems to be hiding a very dark secret which she is planning to share to our very own Princess Powerful. What could that secret be!?


RUNAWAYS Vol. 5 #07
Writer: Rainbow Rowell
Artist: Kris Anka
Color Artists: Matthew Wilson
Publisher: Marvel Comics


Gert and Molly were caught by Dr. Hayes trying to run away. She tried to stop the two young ladies. Luckily, the rest of the Runaways arrived on time to save their own. Dr. Hayes used her telepathically enhanced cats to attack the gang. Molly, who was saddened to see her grandmother and friends fight tried to talk to her grandmother. Unfortunately, Dr. Hayes revealed that she had cloned Molly’s mother and even had her attack the Runaways. Hurt by this Molly had decided that she had enough and decided to get away from her grandmother. She went out of the window with Gert and cried her heart outside. Back inside the Haye’s residence Dr. Hayes and Alice Hayes’ clone managed to hurt Nico which angered Karolina causing her to use her powers to defeat the Hayes. The Runaways finally defeated Molly’s grandmother and had reported her to the authorities. The whole gang then decided to go home (to one of Chase’s mansion.)

What You’ll Find Out:

Nico was reflecting how she felt trapped and cursed using her powers and the Staff of One. Gert found her outside and tried to talk to her but Nico avoided the conversation. Inside the house, Chase prepared himself for a job interview. Inside, Molly tells everyone that she’ll be late for school and told them that there is going to be a PTA meeting later at her school. This raised some concerned for the team regarding their current situation being runaways. Nico accidentally and sarcastically gave the team an idea that she could magically adopt Molly, which everyone agreed. Hesitant, Nico summoned her Staff of One and used it to adopt Molly.
Later at school, Molly was happy being back after being absent for a few days. She excitedly reunited with her best friend Abigail and spent the whole day bonding with her.
Elsewhere, at a café, Nico and Karolina took the time to bond and talk. The two ladies talked about their responsibilities and moving back with Chase. After their meet up, Karolina got a phone call from her girlfriend, Julie Powers who reminded her that she was arriving the next day.
Back at the hostel, Gert was helping Victor by giving him a haircut. The two also had some chat about Victor’s insecurity of gaining his body again. Later, Chase arrived home handing Gert a burger. He told her that he got a job at the L.A. Salvage and Landfill. Gert, being grateful for what Chase was doing for the team, thanked him for dinner. Molly then arrived with Nico reminding Chase of the PTA meeting.
Later at Molly’s school, Molly met Abigail who was also with her very old parents. The two girls introduced each others family before they decided to go to the gym and get ice cream. Chase and Nico then met with Molly’s teacher, who looked at their records and “magically” and legally accepted the two as Molly’s legal guardians.
At the gym, Molly and Abigail talked about how happy they were being best friends. Molly wished if only their moment would last forever. Abigail then strangely, hinted that it was possible for them to be best friends forever.

What Just Happened:

A very interesting issue. We could see the Runaways act like a family again after their reunion. The best part was that Rainbow Rowell went back to focusing on Chase’s struggle being one of the eldest members and trying to be responsible for the team. Aside from that, we got to see the team taking the time to bond with each other after being separated for quite some time (2 years in Marvel time I guess.) We also got to see some more focus on Nico’s weakness. Rowell is wonderfully planning the struggle of these young heroes carefully and finally addressing some longtime plot holes.
As usual, I don’t have anything else to say about Kris Anka’s wonderful art. Everything looked beautiful as expected and I love how Kris Anka keeps on sharing his design for the characters, and their fashion which fits perfectly.
Of course, by now the most interesting part of the book is a new character, Abigail. Kind of suspicious as to what her goal is, especially with Molly. Plus of course after seeing Abigail’s parents looking too old to have a 13-year-old kid.
This is why I still find the series fun and exciting. Rainbow Rowell effectively finds a way to keep things mysterious yet fulfilling.


  • Rainbow Rowell kicks off a new arc by introducing an interesting new character and still consistently making the story interesting
  • Kris Anka’s art as is gorgeous as usual
  • The story focusing on the characters relationship after reuniting
  • New conflicts for the cast, especially Nico’s trouble with her powers


  • The ending was such an effective cliff-hanger!

Rating: 9/10

Final Thought:
Wonderfully scripted and very well thought off. The series is still consistently exciting and manages to keep things interesting and fresh. It’s definitely a plus for the fans to know that the creative team is also addressing some of the series’ major plot holes.

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