REVIEW: Superman #44 (2 .tp Esrevorrazib)

Jon Kent went looking for Boyzarro, he found him, unfortunately he wasn’t alone, now Superman is on Htrae not protecting his father from being brought to life not along with Bizarro’s incomplete world! Confused yet? You will be.


Title: Superman #44 (Bizarroverse pt 2)
Writer: Patrick Gleason & Peter J. Tomasi
Pencils: Doug Mahnke
Inks: Jaime Mendoza & Doug Mahnke
Colors: Wil Quintana
Letters: Rob Leigh
Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know:

Bizarro is reverse Superman, most of what he says is backward, and he inhabits a world full of reverse versions of Earth people, including superheroes. Batzarro is friendly and dumb, fish tell Aquazarro what to do, Jo-cryer is a mopey version of Joker, you get the idea.

What You’ll Find Out:

We open on Superman and Bizarro fighting on the Noom, (Bizarro world is backward and dumb) Jon discovers and relays to Superman that Htrae is directly connected to Bizarro, now that the not-hero is trying not to get away Htrae will not explode. (again, annoying and dumb) The super foes are all that stands between the Htrae and destruction.



Jon tells Superman that Hawkzarro has a locator and can lead them to the super team, Superman gives him the go ahead to attempt to save a universe. He’s in charge, according to Superman, I don’t read teen titans so I don’t know who the girl in purple is, but she seems excited.


Loiz, Boyzarro’s mom, realizes the Super foes are not her enemy when she sees Boyzarro teamed up with the Earth heroes, and releases them, just in time for the Legion of Fun to show up! A super fight ensues! The super foes am not emerge in defeat!


The beginning of this issue doesn’t matter, and nothing happens, you shouldn’t pick up a copy of this book, I don’t care if you like this review. No thank you for reading!

What Just Happened?

I really can’t decide if I liked this arc or not. I think it’s mostly due to how insanely difficult it is reading everything backwards for two issues. The reversed statements aren’t bad at all, but it is a bit annoying, I like the overall message.

Definitely, the best part about this issue are the numerous Superfriends references, from the Legion of Doom to Apache Chief, the Wonder Twins and so forth, both team lineups are pretty close to the Superfriends lineup. The twists on powers are always the perk of Bizarro world to be sure, fat Flash, Captain Fire, Gorilla Odd, Batzarro, all funny.

Pencils and partial inks by Doug Mahnke are pretty excellent during the fight scenes, and exceptional outside of them, Htrae is a weird place and the small details really make it feel like one, the ultimate destruction of Htrae was beautiful and sad. I will say some of the faces on the Earth folks looked odd from time to time, and Superboy looked to be wearing eyeliner and black lipstick in several panels.

I do feel like it’s hard not to mention the futility of collecting issues prior to a reboot, Bendis is right around the corner, which usually either means a book is really good as a creative team fires off stories they’ve had on the back burner for whatever reason.(looking at you, Go Down Swinging!) Not always a bad thing, just saying.

Rating: 7/10

Final Thoughts:

Didn’t hate it, but really more of a treat for longtime fans than anything else, and downright confusing at points even to a lifelong reader. Worth a read for some, but I think a newer reader will just be confused and annoyed.

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