REVIEW: All-New Wolverine vol. 1 #33 (The Only Almost Perfect Future)

An almost perfect future, the heroes had finally won! Laura Kinney is now the ruling queen of Madripoor. But unfortunately, her time is running out! She had created a bucket list and the first thing on her list was to find her missing sister, Bellona!


All-New Wolverine vol. 1 #33
Tom Taylor
Artist: Ramon Rosanas
Color Artists: Nolan Woodard
Cover Artist: David Lopez
Publisher: Marvel Comics

⚠WARNING:  This review contains major spoilers!!


All-New Wolverine and leader of the Orphans of X, Amber hunt down one of the men responsible for destroying both their childhood. Chad Newman, a neo-nazi businessman who was also part of the men creating Laura Kinney. After Laura was unleashed to assassinate the presidential candidate, who Amber’s father was working for as a bodyguard and eventually getting killed, Newman left the country to Vanuatu. The two ladies decided to find Newman and went to Vanuatu, staying a one of Newman’s hotel. Wolverine left Amber to arrange something for their escape and agreed to meet at the bar later. While waiting at the bar, Amber eventually got captured by Newman’s men. After Wolverine not finding Amber at their meeting place, she used her heightened senses and tracked her. She found her being tied up and surrounded by Newman and his bodyguards. Wolverine and Amber were able to beat up Newman and his men. They then placed Newman inside one of the huge luggage Laura brought and road a boat on an isolated area, where the two ladies beat up Newman.

What You’ll Find Out: 

In a not so far future, at Madripoor, this future’s All-New Wolverine raided and ambushed a few criminals inside the yacht. While doing so, she got a call from the queen of Madripoor, Laura Kinney. Laura called to invite All-New Wolverine, Gabby for dinner.
Later at Queen Luara’s office, Laura and Gabby sat and ate the take-out food that Gabby brought. Laura asked how Gabby’s partner, Taylor, and her kids were doing and reminisced that time Gabby got stepped on by Thanos. Gabby asked what was the special occasion for their dinner. Laura, sadly replied that she was dying.
She explained to Gabby that it was due to the breakdown of her genetic code, that it was an imperfection in her original cloning. She also had Gabby and her family’s genetic code being tested and confirmed that they were unaffected by what Laura had. Sadden by the news, Gabby cried and embraced Laura. Laura told her that it was alright because she had lived her life and was able to achieve their dream, that they have almost won and that the world is peaceful.
Gabby asked how long does Laura have left and she responded only months left. Laura also added that she had created a shot bucket list. One person to save and kill, that was her sister Bellona.
Fast forward, Laura in her Wolverine costume drop by to visit the current president of United States, Kamala Khan. Wolverine tried to ask president Kamala if they had found Bellona. Kamala shared what little information she knew after Bellona was captured. She told Wolverine that the helicarrier carrying Bellona was pulled in through to Latveria during the Doom World War. Wolverine then told Kamala that she was planning to drop by Latveria and kill Doom. They were then interrupted by agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Maria Hill who told Wolverine that she will be joining in her quest.
Later, Wolverine and Maria Hill interrogated the criminals the Gabby captured in Madripoor. They were smuggling Latverian tech and Wolverine wanted to find out how they were able to get out from Latveria. Wolverine and Maria Hill were able to threaten the men to speak out their secret access to Latveria.
Wolverine, Maria Hill, and Gabby then arrived outside the barrier protecting Latveria. As soon as Wolverine told them they were moving forward to their mission, Gabby halted her. Maria Hill then warned Wolverine that she detected something heading their way, fast. Wolverine then heard Gabby’s heartbeat and asked her what she had done.

What Just Happened:

The books were actually interesting. I could sense that Tom Taylor thought this through. However, the issue felt kind of flat. It’s not boring, I mean I still found it very entertaining but it doesn’t give out a reason for us to be curious enough or pull us into this alternate timeline. Maybe because Taylor’s intention was because this possible future was near perfect unlike the other parallel universes, we get shrouded in mysteries as to what had caused the apocalypse.

The only big mystery here was what happened during the Doom World War? Other than that, things really looked good in this timeline. I am not even really sold with the mystery of what had happened to Bellona. Although I know that hunting Bellona is one of the major plot devices for this arc. This only means that we still have to wait and see how this story unfolds later.

The highlight of this issue was Ramon Rosanas’ beautiful art. I really like how beautiful he drew Laura as a queen. The interiors were gorgeous to look at too.  The expression on both Laura and Gabby after she news of Laura’s condition was heartbreaking. I really love it when an artist is able to communicate with your emotions through their art. It goes to show how talented that person is, to be able to give life to the characters. Nolan Woodard is still on top of his game. Also, I still think his coloring had complimented Rosana’s art.

All in all this book was entertaining and was clearly a beginning of a new chapter. We just have to wait for a few more issues to gain momentum of the plot.


  • Ramon Rosanas clean art-style is gorgeous and I love how he drew Old Woman Laura Kinney
  • Very interesting concept, and I can sense another awesome arc from Tom Taylor


  • The story starts a bit slow, and flat. But since this is still the beginning, I am looking forward to the development of the story in the next coming issues

Rating: 8/10

Final Thought:
Despite the beautiful art and intriguing plot, the whole issue felt a bit slow and flat. It doesn’t have much of a pulling factor yet but it is definitely a promising arc for the series. We’ll just have to wait and see how the story develops next issue.

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