COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Cyber Force #2 (Men Want to be Gods)

Carin and Stryker cope with the ramifications of their enhancements in different ways while the mysterious villain from before attempts to recruit someone who could prove to be even more dangerous…

Cyber Force #2
Created by: Marc Silvestri
Writers: Matt Hawkins & Bryan Hill
Art: Atilio Rojo
Letterer: Troy Peteri
Publisher: Image/Top Cow Productions, Inc.

What You Need to Know:

Stryker must reconcile with what he’s become…and what’s been done to his daughter Carin. There’s little time for either of them, as the villain that threatens the world seeks to draft someone else to her cause: Killjoy.

What You’ll Find Out:

With her new legs, Carin speeds through a racing track as the facilitators watch her moves and document her success. She reaches speeds of up to 120 miles per hour and shatters through a concrete barrier with a smile on her face. However, far away in Russia at an unknown base, the mysterious villain slaughters guard after guard, leaving destruction in their wake until they reach a capsule. After releasing the containment, the villain awakens Killjoy.


Despite the villain’s claim for Killjoy to obey, the two quickly engage in a fight that sends the villain flying through the nearby wall. Killjoy details her pain and strikes violently at the villain but is eventually overpowered and thrown through the roof into the snow outside. The villain approaches Killjoy as she lies on the ground and explains their knowledge of her past. With a touch of their hands, Killjoy is instantly reminded of her dangerous and incredibly painful origins of becoming who and what she is today. Finally remembering who she was, Killjoy asks who the villain before her is, and they respond by saying that she is The Accuser and she seeks Killjoy’s help…


Back inside the CDI Facility on the test track, Carin sprints as fast as she can, past the barriers she had always been forced to experienced. As she takes a break, her father Stryker approaches. He tells her again that there will be a price to be paid for her advancements, but Carin knows Stryker is about to go after the person who almost killed him, and she wants to help. Defying her pleas to assist him, Stryker leaves her in the CDI Facility test track room, saying that although he is doing this for both of them, he is going alone.

Meanwhile, in the CDI Prototype Facility, a capsule slowly draws nearer as it begins to illuminate with a pink glow as the facilitators at the CDI examine their work. Inside is a completely naked woman, still unconscious, but she is here to work with Stryker…


What Just Happened?

The second issue of the rebooted Cyber Force from writers Matt Hawkins and Bryan Hill continues the action-packed narrative with a focus on the powerful women, both good and bad, that surround Stryker. This continues to show the modernization of the series in both societal and technological aspects, which drives the story without being overbearing.

So far, the highlight of the series’ first two issues are the action sequences. This one increases the ferocity and even length of action-packed scenes that are not for the faint of heart. There is plenty of violence as The Accuser slaughters her way to releasing Killjoy, but then it only continues when Killjoy immediately turns against her. This proved to be a well-written and intense fight sequence that was also able to better establish the characters and their motives.

The artistic direction is as beautiful as the first issue, with uniquely vibrant colors punctuating both good and evil characters, creating an aesthetic that is engaging and more importantly, entertaining. The Accuser blasting through the stomach of the first guard could be one of the most extreme panels I’ve seen in a while.


Cyber Force continues to be an action-packed fun read that captures some of the conflict between the choices of a daughter and their impacts on her father. With advancements in technology and an emphasis on the kick-ass women in the story, the latest issue proves that the series is one to stay on your pull list for some time.

Rating: 9/10

Final Thoughts: The latest issue of Cyber Force elaborates on the motives of the characters so far while still providing plenty of exceptional action-packed sequences. With a focus on the powerful women both attempting to work with Stryker and those plotting against him, Cyber Force #2 proves to be a superb continuation of the stellar first issue!

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