COMIC BOOK REVIEW: All-New Wolverine Vol. 1 #34 (A Doomed Mission)

A final suicide mission for Old Woman Laura, All-New Wolverine (Gabby) & Maria Hill. Will they be able to infiltrate the heavily secured Latveria? Plus, what did Gabby do? What or WHO are coming to stop Laura from killing DOOM!?

All-New Wolverine #34
Writer: Tom Taylor
Ramon Rosanas
Color Artists: 
Nolan Woodard
Cover Artist: 
David Lopez
Marvel Comics

⚠WARNING: This Review Contains Major Spoilers!!⚠


Laura now the queen of Madripoor broke news to her sister, Gabby that she was dying. As part of her bucket list, she wanted to save their other sister, Bellona. Laura visited the current president of the United States of America, Kama Khan to get as much information she could get to find her missing sister. It was revealed that Bellona was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and was in prison on a maximum-secured helicarrier prison. However, during the Doom World War, the prison was taken and was suspected to be in Latveria. Laura informed Kamala that she had decided to infiltrate Latveria and kill Doom, and finding out that Bellona could be there made it easier for her. The two then got interrupted by Maria Hill and her soldiers. Hill told Laura that whether she liked it or not she’ll join her on her suicide mission. They then interrogated the Latverians that Gabby captured and got the information on how to sneak in a maximum-secured Latveria.
Luara, Maria Hill and All-New Wolverine (Gabby) arrived at the outskirts of Latveria preparing to infiltrate it when something was approaching them at an alarming speed. Disaapointed, Laura asked Gabby what she had done.

What You’ll Find Out:

Laura was worried what possible threat could be approaching them. But to her surprise, it was only Captain Marvel and Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) who arrived. They told her that Gabby had informed them of her plan to infiltrate Latveria and kill Doom, they told her that they did not want to miss out on this and joined her on her quest.
The group then went underwater to pass under the dome that was protecting Latveria from the rest of the world. Maria Hill had trouble coming up beneath the water due to her cybernetic body parts not working once they were already inside the dome. For them, this confirmed that technology does not work inside Latveria. The team then decided to first find out where they were holding their prisoners. They started by asking what of the civilians. However, this backfired when the civilian revealed that Doom had implanted a chip on all locals and he could see what everyone else in Latveria could see.
31912696_10157318184574428_6257577796185358336_nDoom from his throne then sent out giant Doombots to attack the heroines. Laura suggested that they need to find cover, but Maria Hill refused and told her that this was their only chance and asked Laura to trust her. Maria Hill further informed them that she could gain access to the information they needed once they shoot the special bullet she brought.

Hawkeye volunteered to be the one to shoot the bullet, which they all agreed. The rest then prepared for battle, while All-New Wolverine and Hawkeye found it strange to see Maria Hill talk to the bullet.
The Doombots then arrived and Hawkeye was able to successfully shoot one of it with the special bullet. It was then revealed that the special bullet was actually carrying the original Wasp who took over the Doombot and acquired the information they needed. Laura was able to destroy one of the Doombots, while Captain Marvel was trying to destroy the last one.
Unfortunately the last Doombot released a blast targeting Laura. The Shot blasted through Laura. She had trouble healing from her wound but what struck her the most was when she found out that the shot that went through her also hit Maria Hill. Angered by this Captain Marvel managed to stomp it on the Doombot’s head, destroying it in the process. Dying in Laura’s arms, Maria Hill told her to end the evil tyrant Doom. She believed and knew that Laura was the only one who could do it. Hill then asked forgiveness for not being able to see the end result, an ending where the heroes had finally won.
What Just Happened:

So far the story’s pacing seemed a bit dragging but I think Taylor is trying to squeeze as much development to these characters as he can, especially since the series is now about to wrap up. I feel like we didn’t get much out of it though. Yes, we get to see Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Captain Marvel and Wasp in this timeline, but nothing much to make them an interesting character in this alternate timeline.

I think that’s the downside of writing a continuation to a happy ending. Since this is a future when the superheroes won, everything seemed so bland and uninteresting. I think I would rather want to know what had happened during the Doom World War rather than seeing the aftermath. But then again that’ just me.

The art was still good to look at. Although it got bland when the setting was already in Latveria. Rosanas still managed to keep the characters good to look at. He managed to let their actions and facial expression speak for itself, in which I always found as a testament to an artist’s skills in telling a dramatic story. The colors, in my opinion, were also as bland as how the whole book was delivered. I think it’s basically what the creative team was trying to tell us because everything was almost perfect in that future things tend to feel bland and less vibrant or chaotic. Hence the reason why the story has very clean art and flat coloring


  • Beautiful clean art by Rosanas
  • Interesting concept


  • The story felt dull and uninteresting for now
  • You don’t really find the supporting characters intriguing, for example, Captain Marvel was basically still the same and so was Kate Bishop, except they were older.
  • The coloring felt flat

Rating: 7/10

Final Thought:
The concept was still interesting, however, the story of Old Woman Laura’s future was just too perfect that it ended up feeling a little bit too flat and uninteresting compared to the previous arc.

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