EPISODE REVIEW: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5 Ep 18 “All Roads Lead…”

Ruby gets her wish as she steps into the Gravitonium Chamber! Can S.H.I.E.L.D. stop her before she becomes The Destroyer of Worlds?

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Airdate April 20, 2018 ABC Fridays 9pm
Created by Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen
Production Company ABC Studios & Marvel Television

517 shock

518 glen

What You Should Know:

The Agents are trying to stop Hydra from using the Gravitonium to create the “Destroyer of Worlds” which leads to the destruction of the Earth. Glen Talbot has been compromised by General Hale who has now set him loose in the Lighthouse.


What You’ll Find Out:

518 glen 2

518 guns

518 glen mack

Glen Talbot is in a daze. “Complete the mission, soldier. Eyes on the prize. Be prepared. Nobody has to get hurt.” he whispers to himself as he enters the Lighthouse armory and picks out a gun. He goes to the monitor room and checks out where everybody is…with a focus on Robin and Polly. Mack interrupts him. He tells Glen to rest up. Doctor’s orders. It’s obvious he’s still considering trading spying for a career in the medical profession after operating on Deke last week. Talbot says “Happy to comply”.

518 ruby jemma

518 grav

In England, Ruby is taunting Simmons by throwing sharp things at her while Fitz works on repairing the infusion chamber. Fitz gets Ruby to release Jemma to work with him. Werner enters with the Gravitonium. Fitz and Simmons agree that they can’t choose anyone or anything over each other so they continue reassembling the chamber.

518 yoyo 2

Elena. still in great pain, has made it back to the quin jet. She tries the radio but there is no signal.

518 bunker

518 mack

Daisy informs the team she has located Hale’s base in the Appalachian Mountains at a decommissioned military bunker. She tells Coulson he’s not coming and asks Mack to start building the artificial gravity system for Zephyr One.

518 hale

518 pad

518 crusher

General Hale has learned of Ruby’s betrayal. She has images of Fitz and Simmons from the Mechs before they went down. She goes and checks on Creel who is still incapacitated by the voices in his head. Hale finds out the voices are those of Franklin Hall and Ian Quinn. Creel absorbs the properties of a wall and starts bashing his head.

518 trio

518 deke

Coulson and Mack talk to Deke about his crush on Daisy which he denies. “But, say I was interested…in anyone…how would I go about that…?” Deke says in the future when you were interested in someone you left them a lemon. Deke asks if that’s still a thing. Mack and Phil say yeah, go with that.

518 daisy thom

518 pod

518 pod 2

518 boom

Talbot sneaks into Robin’s room. In the Zephyr, May and Daisy get in the drop pod. Daisy tells Thomas to initiate launch countdown and to try not to hit them on their way down. The pod is released and as the landing thrusters come on the Zephyr fires a missile at the Hydra base which blows a hole which the pod falls through allowing Daisy and May instant access inside the facility. Quake and May fight a bunch of Hydra agents then come face to face with General Hale who surrenders to them. She wants the Agents to help her stop her daughter.

518 jem 2

518 demands

In England, Werner notices the wedding rings on Leopold and Jemma and threatens to kill Jemma if Fitz doesn’t fix the chamber immediately. Ruby beats the crap out of Fitz and says next time she uses her circle blade on Jemma.

518 shoot

Elena is awakened when a Hydra agent enters the quin jet. She uses her speed to disarm him and shoots him but it causes her incredible pain.

518 group

518 polly

518 robin

Talbot is going through Robin’s drawings when Robin and her mom come in. Talbot tells Polly about missing his own son. He introduces himself to Robin who says “I know. I’ve drawn you.”

518 monitor

518 reverse

Daisy communicates to Coulson and Mack Creels situation and that the Gravitonium absorbs people and their minds. She says she’s going after Ruby but won’t use her Quake powers near the Gravitonium.

518 gken polly

518 drawing

518 attack 2

Talbot wants to know more about the drawings and if they all come true. He mumbles about his mission then attacks Polly and knocks her out. He tells Robin she’s going with him. Robin says “I know”.

518 landing

518 group 2

Daisy tells her team to take out the Mechs and be prepared for emergency evac. Only she, May and Hale will be going in. Hale doesn’t want Daisy to hurt Ruby.

518 werner rub

518 chamber

518 jem fitz

Ruby is just itching to start cutting when Werner tells her S.H.I.E.L.D. has arrived. Fitz says the machine is fixed but they don’t know how to get the Gravitonium in it. Werner powers up the chamber and Ruby gets inside. Werner turns on the Gravitonium and it starts pouring into the chamber, something Fitz and Simmons didn’t expect.

518 camera

Coulson notices on one of the monitors that Robin’s room is open. He and Mack rush to it and find the room ransacked and Polly unconscious. Robin isn’t there.

518 kiss

518 scream

518 wern

Werner kisses Ruby before enclosing her in the chamber. The Gravitonium begins to enter her. But at only 8% infusion Ruby begins screaming and Werner starts freaking out.

518 room

518 hale chamber

518 float

518 face

He starts waving his gun at Jemma and Fitz saying they sabotaged the machine. May, Daisy, and Hale enter the room and tell him to shut it down. Ruby floats out of the chamber then falls. She keeps hearing the screaming in her head. Werner tries to comfort her but Ruby unintentionally crushes his skull.

518 ruby 5

518 wall

518 shock

She yells to have the voices taken out of her. Simmons says they can’t, it’s a one-way transfer. Using her powers Ruby throws Fitz and Jemma against the wall. General Hale gets her attention and Ruby releases them and May gets them out of the room.

518 hotwire

518 robin glen

518 coulson

518 glen 3

Talbot tries to hotwire his way into the hangar when Coulson and Mack appear. Talbot grabs Robin. Coulson tries to talk him down. Talbot puts the gun under his chin.

518 ruby 6

518 daisy

Ruby is being driven mad by the voices. Daisy tries to talk to her and Ruby turns her powers on Daisy.

518 group 3

518 yo

Elena runs into May and Fitz and Simmons when she re-enters the building. May tells her to stay out but she goes in anyway.

518 robin mack

518 chin

518 mack phil

Mack gets Robin from Talbot. Coulson tries talking to Talbot long enough to distract him so Mack can shoot him.

518 hale 3

518 yo da

Ruby drops Daisy while she gloats at being more than Daisy will ever be. Ruby starts using gravity to crush Daisy. Hale yells at Ruby and she stops. Hale apologizes to Ruby for pushing her too hard. Yo-Yo enters the room and Daisy tells her to leave. As Ruby’s powers start to come out uncontrollably Yo-Yo says “She’s the Destroyer, isn’t she?”

518 throat

518 blood

518 slit

The room starts shaking, things begin to break. Then Hale watches blood come pouring from Ruby’s neck. Her throat has been slit, she falls to the ground in Hales’ arms.

518 mom daughter

518 killer

518 hate

Ruby dies. Daisy looks at Yo-Yo who has Ruby’s blade. She falls to the ground in pain. General Hale just stares at her, filled with anger and hate.

518 light

518 light 2

518 room 2

Then Ruby’s body begins to float and a blinding flash of light emits from her body, through the room, through the facility and out into the open air. Now Ruby lies dead in a pool of blood on the ground. May, Jemma, and Fitz come back in. General Hale is gone. Daisy tells May Yo-Yo killed Ruby. Yo-Yo says “No. I just saved the world”.

518 qovas

Epilogue: Hale returns to the Confederacy meeting place and calls out to Qovas. She tells him S.H.I.E.L.D. has the Gravitonium but they won’t give it willingly. “You’d have me kill them?” Qovas asks. “I have no reason to stop you” General Hale answers.

What This Means For The Future

It looks like the peace treaty with Qovas is off. Is the invasion about to begin? Will we find out what the light wave that shot out of Ruby is? I still maintain that we are not going to see a Graviton on this show even though the Gravitonium storyline certainly begs for him. But the biggest question of all is: will Deke give Daisy his lemon? Next week: what is “Option Two”?

Final Thought: Karma certainly came down hard on Ruby. But was the delivery method a good thing? We now have one S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent who has committed murder and another Agent whom everybody seems to have forgotten tortured a fellow team member. Which must have apparently gotten the whole schizo thing out of his system because there’s been no sign of it since. It was probably just a convenient plot device for the writers. Plus that same Agent and his not-so-legally-wed wife are saying they’re willing to throw everyone under the bus to save themselves. Maybe these three would be better off at Hydra.

Rating: 7/10

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs Fridays at 9:00 on most ABC stations. Check your local listings.

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