COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Mage the Hero Denied #8 (My Father the Hero!)

Kevin searches for his Family in the ruins of his House, and Magda and Hugo meet the minions of the Umbra Sprite.


Writer: Matt Wagner
Artist: Matt Wagner
Inker: Matt Wagner
Colorist: Brennan Wagner
Letterer: Dave Lanphear
Cover Artist: Matt Wagner & Brennan Wagner
Editors: Diana Shultz
Publisher: Image Comics
What You Need to Know:
In the last few pages of the last issue, we find that Hugo has been taken by a Bus of Red Caps, while the House has been destroyed, without Magda or Miranda in sight. An enraged Kevin fights a Howler Ogre upon the wreckage of his house, to hopefully uncover his family safe and sound.

We open in the lair of the Grackelthorns. Magda is regaining conciseness on the floor as the last thing that she remembers was the Incubus or Vampire that took her blood from the Charity dinner at the kid’s school. The thorns tell her that she is in the home of the Umbra Sprite and that she will not be harmed.


Meanwhile back at the house, Kevin fights the Howler Ogre.


What You’ll Find Out:
In the lair of the Grackelthorns Magda is given a peace offering for her cooperation. Hugo is sent into their room for his safety. He tells his mother how he was taken by the Red Caps on the bus, and he is worried that his Dad was injured by the Cannon the Red Caps used on him. Mom tells Hugo that Dad is pretty tough, and not to worry, but they aren’t so sure about Miranda. Magda has a special wedding ring that shines as long as Kevin is alive. Hugo tries to escape, but Magda saves him just in time, as the door opens into nothing, and he almost falls out.

Red Door

What Just Happened?

Back in the rubble of his once home, Kevin continues his battle with the Howler Ogre. The Ogre stumbles on a tiny box. It makes an impressive fireworks display and distracts the Ogre. Just then Miranda pops out from underneath where she had been hiding.

Grabbing a nearby bat, Kevin with his newfound confidence as he sees Miranda safe, calls upon the Mighty Excalibur once again.

“It’s ok Sweetheart. Daddy’s got this.” Kevin says as he assumes the iconic Mage pose.

After withstanding the full gale force of the Howler’s screech, Kevin makes short work of the Ogre. Piece by piece, he takes him apart with his mystical weapon.

The battle is won, but Miranda is sad that the family’s cat Chloe didn’t make it. Kevin collects his daughter, and steps away in a mist to conceal them from danger, but not from all prying eyes altogether. Two of the Grackelthorns watch him as he strides away. One impresses, and the other not so.

When Karol returns to the Umbra Sprite to report that they have seen the Pendragon (Kevin).It is information that she finds well received by her Mother, who tells her that she is in the midst of a presence that she has not felt in years.

Rating: 8 / 10
Final Thought:
A scary thought for any father to be certain. Just when Kevin seems to be on top, things seem to shift back to getting worse. Able to focus as he saw Miranda was ok, Kevin takes his time interrogating the simple Ogre, but in the end, destroys him with his Trademark Bat. This show to us the readers that he is prepared to fight now that his Family has been threatened. A bit of action, that progresses the story. I enjoy the art the most in this issue. The giant Howler to the small Miranda, the shots of Perspective and size. The payoff when Kevin picks up that bat. A fun issue. If you haven’t read up until this point go out and pick up the first 7 issues and get in on this story.

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