COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Spawn #285 (Prisoner)

With Spawn “dead”, the US Government prepares to perform an autopsy. But one does not simply perform an autopsy on a Hellspawn…



Spawn #285
Writer: Todd McFarlane
Artist: Jason Shawn Alexander
Cover Artist: Francisco Mattina
Colorist: Lee Loughridge
Letters: Tom Orzechowski
Publisher: Image Comics

What You Need to Know:
After his trip to Japan with Cyan, Spawn returns to New York and makes his presence known. Kidnapping and then returning a popular rap star. He then allows himself to be captured by the US Government as part of his latest plan. Though the full scope of his plan remains to be seen.

What You’ll Find Out:
Taking a bit of a step back from the end of the last chapter, the Doctor who was prepared to simply cut open Spawns mask with a saw is expressing concerns. Feeling it’s excessive and risks destroying his face which would permanently hide his true identity from them. His boss doesn’t care, however, and wants them to proceed with the operation regardless. The Doctor prepares the first cut but before he can make contact, Spawns ask lashes out. Ensnaring the saw and terrifying the Doctor into stopping. He’s ordered to continue once more but rather than lash out at the Doctor this time, the saw breaks on contact with Spawn’s face. Everyone is confused and questioning how this happened or if it did before. But they’re interrupted by the sound of malfunctioning machines. This is moments before the sight of Spawn reviving in front of their eyes.


The guards are immediately called to deal with the newly revived Spawn. But he seems off, asking them to “please make it stop” before passing out. Everyone is ordered to remain silent about what they just saw and to put Spawn into The Isolation Ward. As Spawn is left to his Isolation, they imply that the events of Spawns failed autopsy is going to be covered up. The hope is that eventually, the events that transpired will just be forgotten.


Nine days pass and the news continues to focus on the Spawn story. The endless string of questions he created with his kidnap and return of Bonz. Back with Spawn, the Government Agent notes it’s strange that nobody has claimed Spawn as their own. Suggesting he’s just a Rogue Agent acting solo. But it didn’t matter anymore as he’d soon be getting a lawyer. Implying (but outright showing in the panels) that he gets one last day of torture and abuse. The scene shifts to Spawn’s lawyer in a meeting where he admits he barely knows anything about his client. But that doesn’t matter as the military officer there says he doesn’t care about any ethical misgivings he has. From now on, he works for the US Government and he’s to relay any information the lawyer acquires to them.


After Spawn basks in his plans successful unfolding he meets with his attorney. The attorney expresses concerns for Spawns unwillingness to eat and that he needs to be mentally prepared for what’s in store. He stresses to Spawn how dangerous their opposition is but Spawn remains unaffected. Speaking for the first time to his lawyer. The attorney, understandably, tries to ask Spawn questions but Spawn ignores it. Saying he knows who the lawyer is working for and that he knows he’s not really on Spawn’s side. Several days pass with the Attorney failing to get Spawn to relent. A fact that sees Spawn being ready to get transferred to Compound 8, a facility known for breaking the toughest of spirits.  With the order given, Spawn is stripped and left outside with the rest of the inmates. Planning to let them do whatever they saw fit until Spawn finally cooperated. But for Spawn, this is just another step in his still-unfolding plan.


What Just Happened?

It was an interesting but odd chapter. A lot of it was focused on showing the effect of Spawn’s plan and the government trying to deal with how little he’s actually giving them. It was a bit of a slow build up chapter to whatever Spawn has planned. Which seems to be going into a special section of the prison. I can only fathom who or what’s in there he wants to kill but it seems we’ll be finding out soon.

Rating: 7/10

Final Thought: In a weird twist, my favorite part of the entire chapter beyond the art was the brief profile they showed for Spawn. They rarely bring it up but it was nice to see them remind us just how tall and heavy Spawn is in reality.

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