COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Batman #46 (The Good, the Bad, and Booster Gold!)

Trying to give Batman a gift, Booster Gold has set an event in motion that has changed the lives of everyone in Gotham. How will Booster solve this Flashpoint Paradox, that sets the newly engaged Batman and Catwoman at odds?

Cover A


Cover B


Writer: Tom King
Artist: Tony S. Daniel
Colorist: Tomeu Morey
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Cover Artist: Tony S. Daniel & Tomeu Morey Cover A. Cover B : Kaare Andrews

Editors: James S. Rich Assoc Editor: Britta
Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know:
Booster Gold, the tile traveling hero from the 25th century has decided to give Batman a wedding gift. In doing so he totally warped reality. In this new Flashpoint-style reality, Bruce Wayne is not Batman, but his Parents Thomas and Martha Wayne are alive and well. He is a wealthy socialite of Gotham, and Selina is hidden away in Arkham Asylum as she has become a serial killer.

Booster who has lost his friend and sidekick Sheets, a Futuristic Robot with knowledge of the future, finds himself trying to set right the events that have gone so horribly wrong. Well the road to Hell is indeed paved with Good Intentions Booster.

His first act of business is to release Selina and try to get Bruce Wayne back on track.



What You’ll Find Out:
Bruce and Thomas Wayne talk about the state of Gotham. That it has become a cesspool and warzone for Jokers, and Monsters, and the Batman. In the middle of a speech about the decline of Gotham, Thomas Keels over and flops on the floor.



What Just Happened?
Booster back at their hideout stands and spews countless exposition at a silent Selina Kyle, whose only word seems to be “Meow.” He is, of course, naïve to her true nature in this world, and wants her to help him save Batman.

A brief interlude shows Bruce in a Church, praying for his Father’s Life. Something that we have never really seen in a Batman book too often.

Back to Booster and Selina, as he presents her with her cobbled together costume. (It looks like Catwoman from the Movie Batman Returns).


This is where the train really gets off the rails. It seems unclear if Booster has gone a bit crazy, but he expects Catwoman to work with him, having no knowledge that she is a murderer.

The Dick Grayson Batman attacks them. Booster shields Selina, as Batman busts through the window. Saying simply “Booster Gold, Die.”

The two manage to escape Dick Grayson, but head for the only place that they know may be safe. Stately Wayne Manor, and the Batcave.

Upon discovering Catwoman in the Linen closet, Alfred attempts to sound the alarm. Catwoman slashes his throat with no hesitation.  Alfred’s warning does not go unheeded, as Thomas, still recovering from his heart attack, rises to talk Selina into not killing Bruce, just him. She lunges at him, and to the did-believing eyes of Booster Gold, rips Thomas to ribbons!RCO020

Ever the Spoil Sport, Dick Grayson Batman enters with a hail of bullets. He manages to clip Selina in the side. As Batman creeps closer to confirm his kill, Selina lashes upward and cuts several of his fingers off. As Batman and Selina struggle, Martha Wayne enters the room to attempt to save her husband, Thomas. As she reaches for him, Batman fires a round and hits her in the chest. Bruce returns fire and shoots Batman in the head. What is left is a kaleidoscope of mayhem and death, that leaves Booster to question while wrestling with a head injury says, “Did I do it? I bet I did it. I’m a Hero. I always do it. I have to do it. I saved the world.” We leave Bruce in an all too familiar scene, as he is left alone once more, to feel the pain of loss that originally drove him on his quest for Justice and vengeance.

Rating: 8 / 10
Final Thought:
So full disclosure, I am a huge Booster Gold fan. That said, the Rebirth Booster is not my favorite. They started with him and some really questionable decisions when he met the Flintstones, and then on through his run-in with Superman and a Pre-destruction Krypton. (He did take out the Flash though). This Booster is a return to the silly oaf that, while can be enjoyable, does come across as a bit cartoonish at times. He seems numb to the mistakes and consequences that happen, and I am still trying to figure out why he would say that Hal Jordan killing himself last issue was Awesome. So very out of character.

The one thing that seems to have survived is Batman or rather Bruce Wayne’s Intense focus and nature. It seems that even in his current predicament, we get a glimpse of just how special a man he is, or rather can be. The story takes a lot for granted, but the art is superb. I am especially fond of the small beard that Booster Gold is sporting in the issue. Time will tell is this is a successful arc, but I am invested. The last Page was a cool twist on the origin of Batman, and even though we see the image once per issue it seems, the tableau with his parents dead in the alley, we get a fresh take for this new story.

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