COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Trinity #22 (Deimos’ Final Battle!)

Deimos has kidnapped Superman and Batman. Wonder Woman must fight an orc-like Steve Trevor. Will the Trinity make it out alive? Find out in the final issue of Trinity!

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Trinity #22
Author: James Robinson
Artist: Patch Zircher
Colors: Gabe Eltaeb
Letters: Josh Reed
Publisher: DC Comics

!!! Spoiler Warning!!!

What You Need to Know:
The Trinity has become the closest group in the DC universe, and together they have been trapped in a dream world together thanks to Poison Ivy, and even fought against Circe and her demonic Pandora Pits. No matter what the big team of DC gets themselves into; they know that their friends and allies have their back.

Recently the Trinity had gone searching for Wonder Woman’s home island of Themyscira. They found a ship that was in distress, and as the good heroes, they are the team went to save the crew. Instead of saving anyone though, a portal opens up and sucks the team into a magical world known as Skartaris. On arrival, Superman notices he is powerless, and Wonder Woman seems to be blind! The depowered trio had to fight through hordes and hordes of different mythical creatures before finding Warlords home and daughter as they are being raided by the evil Deimos’ army. The Trinity helps defend the city of Shamballah and then realizes that the land has aged them significantly. Warlords daughter Jennifer changes there age back to normal, then shows the team around the castle including a room full of familiar and unfamiliar technology that Batman was significantly interested in.

Without getting many answers, Warlord sends the team home where they started debriefing the mission to Steve Trevor; an ARGUS member that’s been longtime friends with Wonder Woman and the rest of the League. Before the team lets go of all their information they realize that all is not as it seems. Steve asks about the task force they found dead in Skartaris by name, which no one had mentioned before, and without another word, the team confronts the phony Steve Trevor just in time for Deimos to reveal himself. Deimos had captured Steve and tricked the Trinity and now they must search around for clues as to where he has hidden their friend.

Batman had been investigating the Blue Strike task force team since they arrived back home. Batman had found encrypted data that each member of the team had to go find, and afterward, they found a guarded temple in the middle of a jungle in New Guinea. Guarding the fortress is a couple orc-like creatures, one being Steve Trevor!

After Knocking out the Orcs, including Steve, the team infiltrates the fortress to find a portal that once opened will allow Warlord and his army to enter and take on Deimos once and for all. The team also ends up meeting Deimos himself when he surprises the team and takes Batman and Superman out of play. After trying to convince the team that Warlord is their true enemy, Deimos sicks the rampaging orc-like Trevor back once again for Diana to fight. Without her friends to help will Diana have the will to talk Steve out of it, or will she have to kill her long-time friend and loved one?

What You’ll Find Out:
The last issue of “Trinity” opens on Deimos striking his deal with Blue Strike Security. The two forces made a pact that if Deimos would allow them to enter into Skartaris to scavenge magical items, they would let Deimos take technology from earth back with him in order to defeat Warlord. The strike team only wants one other thing and that’s for Steve Trevor to quit snooping around their facility before he finds out what they are up to. Deimos agrees to handle it when the panel flips back to the current time with Diana and orc-like Steve Trevor going toe to toe.

Diana tries her hardest to fight Deimos’ spell by trying to make Steve remember her. Deimos gloats that his spells are all too strong for the Amazonian to break, and even Batman chimes in to make fun of Deimos’ gloating.


While Diana keeps on fighting, Deimos spills his entire plan like any cliche villain would. But before getting to the info Batman needs to decipher a plan he stops and laughs at the teams attempt to catch him off guard. Though, after trying to find an answer as to how Warlord found him, Deimos spills the info Batman needed.

About the same time Batman finds a plan, Steve breaks Deimos’ spell and goes hurtling towards him like a raged out Hulk. Deimos knocks Steve back 50 feet or so but only right before Diana slaps him with her shield. Diana’s hit knocked the spell holding Batman and Superman loose letting the two free.


 After some action-packed panels, Deimos tries his last Hail Mary as he attempts to reverse the team’s powers while incinerating them in the process. Batman takes an even crazier approach and has Diana use her lasso against Deimos at the same time he uses the spell. Without a doubt, the team was disintegrated as well as Warlord, Jennifer, and their army. Deimos starts to talk of how Shamballah fell to him after succeeding. But this only came to fruition within Deimos’ mind as its revealed that his power being used on the lasso as its wrapped around him caused Deimos to see only what he wanted, and not without any consequences as Batman also used the same aging technology Skartaris uses as their security measures on Deimos to keep him from trying anything like this again.


Afterward, Warlord and the Trinity thank each other for their services as well as Jennifer asks Batman for her aging tech back. Wonder Woman only asks for Steve to be transformed back into a human so he can finish this mess once and for all. The last panels show Steve taking Blue Strike down, and when they try to argue he just tells them that if they don’t want to comply then they can always talk to his friends, The Trinity!

What Just Happened?
If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times, but once again “Trinity” is like a rollercoaster. Luckily this issue was the highest point the title has seen in a while. The biggest difference with this issue is that Batman and Superman really don’t have much to say. When they do talk it still feels like a child is writing whatever he wants the characters to say, but for the most part Deimos did the talking and while it did get a little cliche, it was actually done in a fun manner with a couple twists and turns thrown in to keep you guessing. I never thought I’d like anything from this arc other than the art but honestly seeing Deimos after all these two arcs of setup he actually did feel intimidating for a short time. The end plan didn’t seem like a complete cop out or deus ex machina so that is definitely on the plus side as well. All in all, I may not have loved what James Robinson did with the Trinity, but as a Wonder Woman story where Batman and Superman tagged along with the personalities of children, it wasn’t that bad.

The art in this final issue never changes and man that couldn’t have been a better thing for this issue. On top of the strongest written issue within the arc, the art stays looking top-notch and Zircher’s fight scenes are some of the best in the industry. This issue was heavy on the red, orange and yellow from Eltaeb, and it felt mythical which fit the tone very well in this issue.  This artistic team is one I would love to see do more team books and hopefully we can see Zircher do some more team books including JSA when it finally comes to that.

Rating: 9/10
Final Thoughts: I have been mostly rating this title high due to the art. Now I can finally say I have given this title a high rating for the story and the art. James Robinson finally knocks one home with the very last issue of Trinity. I recommend this issue to anyone looking to finish out the series, or for anyone looking for a big crazy shocker at the end of a story that concludes itself nicely.

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