TELEVISION EPISODE REVIEW: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5 Ep 19 “Option 2”

The Agents try to ward off invading aliens as a giant space ship hovers overhead. What happens when someone absorbs the full power of the Gravitonium?

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Airdate April 27, 2018 ABC Fridays 9pm
Created by Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen
Production Company ABC Studios & Marvel Television

518 dead

519 qovas

What You Should Know:

Previously…Ruby entered the Gravitonium Infusion Chamber but at only 8% infusion she lost her mind, the voices screaming at her the way they did Carl Creel. Unable to control her powers she crushed Werner von Strucker’s head (eww). Yo-Yo saw the only answer was to kill Ruby so she cut Ruby’s throat with the same circle blade Ruby used to cut off Yo-Yo’s arms. At the Lighthouse, a brainwashed Glen Talbot attacked Robin’s mom, Polly, then tried to escape with Robin until he was talked down by Coulson. General Hale went to The Confederacy and told Qovas S.H.I.E.L.D. has the Gravitonium.


What You’ll Find Out:

519 space

519 glen bed 2

Close in from outer space. Talbot, lying in bed in his cell is repeating a series of numbers over and over.

519 sling

519 arguement

Coulson and the team make plans to slingshot the Gravitonium into the sun using the Zephyr. Tony “The Candy Man” (Jake Busey) has arranged treatment for Carl Creel and said he would take care of Robin and Polly. The Agents are fighting amongst themselves with Daisy coming down hard on Elena for murdering Ruby. Elena lashes back at Daisy saying they didn’t pick her to be the leader, Coulson did. It was Coulson who brought Daisy back from the future. Coulson shuts them all up and reassumes leadership.

519 may

519 daisy 2

May tells Daisy to take Creel, Robin, and Polly to Tony who may also have something to help the dying Coulson, something related to Garrett and the Deathlok program. She reminds Daisy that Robin had predicted Coulson would be able to put all the pieces together.

519 deke fitz

519 tubes

519 trio

Fitz and Simmons prepare the Gravitonium while Deke is saying he is proof you can move between universes in the Multiverse. Or he is proof they are caught in a single, infinite time loop Fitz says and that they won’t know if they’ve successfully stopped the future from happening unless Deke blinks out of existence. Deke maintains he has crossed over to this universe and won’t blink out.

519 yell

519 thom phil

Thomas brings Coulson to Talbot’s cell because he’s been yelling for him. Glen tells Phil about the numbers. Numbers he sent out in a signal when it appeared he was trying to break into the hangar. The numbers are the location of the Lighthouse.

519 ship

519 stoner 2

519 options

Outside the Lighthouse, a huge alien ship moves in. Stoner’s video is triggered by the ship. He says Project Reclamation has begun. An Apocalyptic Event is occurring. He says to go to the main computer terminal and choose from the following options: “Extreme Weather Event, press 1, Nuclear Attack, press 2”. Coulson says screw it and presses 2. Stoner: “For an Alien Invasion. press 3”. Option 2 seals the Lighthouse from the outside world for 15 years. “How was I supposed to know there’d be an alien invasion option?” Phil says. The Lighthouse goes into lockdown mode.

519 qovas 2

519 mack elena

Stoner’s image on the monitor is replaced by Qovas. He has come for the Gravitonium. Elsewhere in the Lighthouse, Mack is giving Elena the cold shoulder. They argue. Elena brings up May and Bahrain. Mack doesn’t know if he can accept what Elena has done.

519 coulson 2

519 yo

Elena joins May and Coulson in the control room. May tells Coulson about Daisy’s mission which angers him. Elena reveals her future self-said they have to let Coulson die. May reminds them of Robin’s prophecy.

519 aliens

Phil suddenly figures out that the aliens can get inside the Lighthouse. Which they do, using the teleporter Hale was using to meet with the Confederacy. Deke takes cover in a ventilation shaft and watches as an Agent (Thomas?) gets killed.

519 deke 4

519 gang

But, in a convenient stroke of luck, the vent just happens to lead Deke to the control room where Phil, May, Mack, and Elena are. Deke says the aliens are the Remorath who are marauders, intergalactic scavengers who have claws a foot long and like to move about in the dark. They kill and take what they want.

519 arms

519 over

Coulson asks Elena how her arms are and in another stroke of unending luck, it seems that Fitz, on top of everything else he’s doing — getting the Gravitonium ready and preparing the Zephyr for space travel — actually found the time to recalibrate Yo-Yo’s arms so she can run without the pain. It must have been a wire or two, probably a five-minute job but Fitz did it in three because he’s Fitz. Fitz has also discovered an analog override on floor 17 and he can rig up a bypass. Sure, Fitz, piece of cake! Coulson wants to get everyone, including Talbot and the Gravitonium, loaded onto the Zephyr and take off before the Remorath gets to them.

519 candy daisy

519 cent

519 map

Meanwhile, Daisy meets with The Candyman who says everything goes back to one dude…Garrett…who was being kept alive by what he called the Centipede serum. Tony gives her the last Centipede device but tells her Garrett’s had an extra healing component that was developed by the Nazis. He shows Daisy a folder with the name of where they got the extra element but says he can’t find it on any map. Daisy says it’s because it’s not a place.

519 glen yo

Elena releases Talbot from confinement. He vows to make up for what he did. Elena cuffs him anyway.

519 box 2

519 hand

519 alien

Fitz. against his vow, leaves Jemma to go to floor 17. The Remorath attack but Fitz is saved by Deke. They make it to the override console but it’s been totally destroyed. Their only way out. Qovas shows the Remorath where to find the Gravitonium and tells them to kill anyone in their way.

519 glena

519 locked

519 mack gun

Elena and Talbot dodge the aliens and just happen to stumble across the room Jemma, Davis and Piper are in with the Gravitonium. When Davis, Piper and Yo-Yo exit the room to make a stand with their guns, Talbot closes and locks the door. Mack shows up to save Deke and Fitz but everybody is outnumbered by the aliens.

519 pull

519 icer

519 transform

Talbot pulls a cloth down and reveals the infusion chamber. “I can fix this” he says. Then he shoots Jemma with an Icer. He gets the cuffs off then goes over and turns on the Gravitonium and the chamber which were still hooked up in spite of the fact we’ve been seeing them handling canisters of Gravitonium earlier in the episode. Talbot for some unknown reason and having never even seen this equipment before, seems to know all he needs to so he can turn on the infusion chamber, get the Gravitonium to start flowing into it and get inside and be infused with the Gravitonium. Fully. 100%.

519 ready 2

519 glen grav

519 gravity

Coulson’s team hunkers down in the control room with fires illuminating the room for a better chance against the aliens who prefer darkness.
Yo-Yo’s group are the first to behold the new, Gravitonium improved Talbot who goes to the rescue of Coulson’s team. Talbot uses his powers to gravity crunch the Remoraths. Them he breaks through the ceiling and floats away on a slab of floor with Coulson.

519 daisy 2 (2)

519 grave

Epilogue: Daisy starts digging up Jiayings’s grave…her mother’s grave!

What This Means For The Future

Glen Talbot has been infused with the full power of the Gravitonium. But will he be called Graviton? I say thee nay! Have Talbot and Coulson floated up to the alien spaceship? I would guess so. Next week: “The One Who Will Save…”

Final Thought: Throughout the episode, Jemma and Fitz have been gathering the Gravitonium together presumably in the canisters we’ve seen them handling. Coulson gives an order to get it loaded up on the Zephyr. Yet when Talbot arrives in the room housing everything, all the equipment seems to be still set up. And Talbot, who has not been involved with the infusion chamber at all, still seems to have all the knowledge on how to operate it! I’ve seen people have more trouble trying to work an ATM machine or program a VCR! More examples of what I’ve been complaining about all season…the writers just make up stuff as they go and pay no attention to continuity or logic for that matter. How can Fitz know how to fix everything? It literally takes him seconds to go from one project to the next. Why isn’t this stressing him out and bringing forth his schizo Mr. Hyde personality? He seems to have devolved back to the brainiac he was when the show started. He had no problem going all swashbuckler getting to and during the future. Now he’s running scared from the aliens and relying on Deke and Mack to save him. No thought is ever put into the aliens they create for the show…in this episode we get more primitive E.T.’s like we saw at the beginning of the season. They’re like mindless thralls who have somehow figured out space travel. And why is Glen Talbot handling the full force of the Gravitonium so well? Where are the voices? They can join the voices that he already has in his head…they can all have a party! It’s all just so sloppy.

Rating: 6/10

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs Fridays at 9:00 on most ABC stations. Check your local listings.

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