THE COLLECTOR’S CORNER Spotlight On: Invasion of the Pops

Some of the most expensive Funko Pops on the market!

The Collector’s Corner
Spotlight On: Invasion of the Pops!
People either love them or hate them but one thing is for certain: Funko Pop Vinyls have taken the market by storm. Everywhere you look they seem to er, pop up! They are without a doubt the widest range of collectibles to come out. From comic book Pops to movie Pops to television Pops to sports Pops they seem to have every subject you could want. Go to any convention and you are likely to see booth after booth filled to the brim with Pops. With a suggested retail price of $10.99 for regular size Pops you can often find them on sale for as low as $4.00 but at conventions where they usually average about $10 you’ll frequently see them going for $12 to $20 for recent releases but when it comes to exclusives and limited releases and older Pops the sky is the limit on what they can cost you. Featured here are some of the most expensive Pops on the market. Warning! Some of these prices will absolutely knock your socks off!



Bat Man chrome




Mr Incredible



Arrow b


Ned Stark




clown dumbo


I couldn’t see myself paying any of these prices. But a collector wants what a collector wants. Many of the high prices have to do with a limited number being produced. I’ve always seen that as a marketing ploy. The Exclusives are annoying too. I’ve collected all the Black Panther Pops but haven’t been able to find Okoye. I found out it was one of the Exclusives and people are asking $150 for it now! So I get to have an incomplete set . The same goes for The Stone Keeper, a hard to find addition to the Avengers Infinity War group.

If you want to keep track of your collection, check prices, etc there is a website you can use called


If you can’t get enough of Avengers Infinity War of course there are Pops for that!

Pops Infinity War

There’s a bunch of Deadpool Exclusives headed to stores like Hot Topic, Target, 7 Eleven and Game Stop. The ETA is June. My favorite is Pandapool.


Pre-Orders are now being taken for a new Pop-like line from ComicCave Studios called Podz. Pods come with their very own domes to display and protect the figures.


The Collector pop

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