FIRST WATCH: DC Comics Announces New Twitch Channel

DC Comics has announced they will be launching an official “twitch” channel, starting May 11, 2018, the publisher will use the platform to showcase a variety of gaming content and live coverage.


The channel officially launches May 1qth at 10 am, Nightwing writer Sam Humphries and Only Stupid Answers hosts Sam Bashor and Dj Woolridge will host the premiere of the new series Versus, the first episode is titled Nightwing vs Robin.

The Publisher stated:

“A one-stop shop for DC talent and gaming content, alongside coverage of live events, fans will also be able to tune into DC’s official Twitch channel to see simulcasts from Twitch streams of great DC talent like Jim Lee and others.”


After the show, DC will kick off a marathon featuring every episode from all four years of DC All Access, including interviews and coverage of DC games like Arkham Knight and Injustice 2.

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