NEWS WATCH: New Death of Superman Trailer Released

The trailer is for the first part of the two-part film “The death and rebirth of Superman” film series this part being  The Death of Superman coming out in Summer in the U.S later this year

The trailer is courtesy of IGN who released it yesterday in an exclusive debut

It’s important to note that according to reports the film has had to take certain licenses not the least of which will see a very different team members making up the Justice League and other changes making the film different from the comics but still closer than the previously released Superman: Doomsday which took much bigger liberties in order to compress Superman’s death and reincarnation into only 70 minutes. This new project being a two-parter gives the producers a significant amount more in terms of telling the story. The second part will be called Reign of the Supermen.

The official release is as follows:

“When a hulking monster emerges from an underground resting place and begins a mindless rampage, the Justice League is quickly called in to stop the colossal force of nature. But it soon becomes apparent that only Superman can stand against the monstrosity that has been nicknamed Doomsday. Battling their way throughout America, the two fight to a standstill as they reach the heart of Metropolis. Going punch for punch, Superman finally ends the threat of Doomsday as he throws one last punch and collapses forever.”

The Death of Superman stars the voice talents of Jerry O’Connell, Rebecca Romijn, and Rainn Wilson, as well as Rosario Dawson, Nathan Fillion, Christopher Gorham, Matt Lanter, Shemar Moore, and Jason O’Mara.

The Death of Superman will arrive later this summer on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download. The second part of the two-part story, Reign of the Supermen, is scheduled to arrive early in 2019.

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