COMIC PREVIEW: Heavenly Blues #6 (A Fantastic Finish!)

The best thieves Hell has to offer are pulling off a heist in Heaven, the Archangel Uriel is in possession of one of the most sought after items in the life and the afterlife, in this thrilling conclusion to the series, the thieves might just get their hands on The Holy Grail!


Title: Heavenly Blues #6
Writer: Ben Khan
Art: Bruno Hidalgo
Publisher: Scout Comics
Release Date: 5/16/18

What You Need to Know:

A handful of thieves, led by Isaiah Jefferson and his perpetual tween-aged cynical friend Erin have successfully infiltrated Heaven at the request of the Angel Barbiel. Barbiel, an angelic piano player for a heavenly sidewalk promenade (heaven is full of posh jerks) who wants the Holy Grail, for any dead person who drinks from it is granted the gift of life! It’s the only way to escape the afterlife! Now the team has converged on a party at the Archangel Uriel’s villa in the disguise of a Celestial Investigative Bureau, it’s time to sink or swim!

What You’ll Find Out:

We open on a flashback to when Isaiah first met Erin, he was being torn down into hell by demons, she was his infernal torturer. Somehow that turned into a fast friendship after he learned to ignore the pain. (a basic skill in hell)


We cut to present day, half the team is mingling in the party, while the other half sets things up outside the party. The ones inside the party are disgusted by the life of excess enjoyed by the ruling class in heaven. Erin gets a little sentimental with Isaiah as the party goes on.


As the party begins to grow the host arrives, he doesn’t bother with trivialities as he crosses the room and punches Isaiah in the gut! They’ve been found out!


You’ll have to find the end to this yourself, it’s worth it! Pick up a copy of Heavenly Blues #6 on May 16th, 2018!

What Just Happened?
Man what a phenomenal end to this great series! Ben Khan has managed to craft not one but two highly detailed worlds and a whole host of interesting original characters! This series has been top notch at all times! The end of this issue was so satisfying, especially the fight with Uriel, (the end of the fight has made me laugh out loud all 4 times I’ve read it) and Coin Counter and the Sheriff.

This issue had quite a bit more action than previous issues, which, other than the big shootout in hell, have been largely set up. Man, it was such a sweet payoff, I can’t wait for the trade.

Rating: 9/10

Final Thought:

I couldn’t recommend this series more, it’s novel, interesting and often surprising. This finale is such a strong ending to the series, and it goes to show that even bad people can have a happy ending.


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